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Fucked to Death Sadistic sicko Bethzy is pure evil With her days and nights spent seducing killing and stealing from old men without remorse she is one of the most unfeeling and reprehensible women to ever walk the planet Fortunately for this sociopath her crimes go largely unnoticed and unpunisheduntil Antonio comes along When he discovers the putrid depths of Bethzy’s sexually charged offenses Antonio’s imagination runs wild leading him to mastermind and execute his own plan of incomprehensible horroragainst Betzy What happens next is a cat and mouse game of apocalyptic brutality that will eventually leave you wondering who the bigger sexual lunatic is and if their punishments are truly eual to their crimes

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    A different twist to the erotic genre for a short story a lot happens in it like how the twins finish each others sentences and would have made a great book Do hope that she adds stories based on this one

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