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Someone to Protect me Fifteen years ago Madison’s life changed drastically when her sister killed two men thrusting her into the foster care system at three years old Believing that she was abandoned by her sister she was alone until Connor changed everything She knew they belonged together but the closer she tried to get to him the further he pushed her away When her sister Lucy reenters her life Madison decides that she won’t let Connor keep her at arm’s length any Connor has loved Madison since she was five years old As she grew up he struggled with the attraction he felt for her She deserved better than the damaged man he was and he was determined to protect her even from himself

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    I really like the story but the writing confused me at times It has a lots of potential to be better Okay I just saw the first book of this series It explains many of the gaps in the second books that I didn't understand

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    it's mine so of course I love it

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