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Eat The uick Look Cookbook Culinary expertise explained one step at a time From the hands of the innovative and award winning authors of Show Me How comes the highly entertaining and informative seuel Eat The uick Look CookbookComprised of than 350 virtually wordless tutorials on essential cooking skills from basic knife use to advanced recipes this is the book every home cook needs Packed with highly practical tips and tricks secret shortcuts and timesavers from expert cooks delicious recipes and uick reference cook s charts this book has everything you need to get started and continue to learnFull of simple step by step foolproof instructions on all the skills every cook needs to guarantee success in the kitchen Perfect for novices curious cooks and passionate foodies alike This book throws a lot of stuff at you such as wine pairings table settings how to test wine what glass is right for what the word for beer in 21 languages etc but even the most difficult recipes are broken down into the simplest form possible none are longer than a page and it's done in such a cool way The design of this book is really neat Whereas a normal cookbook is mostly words and a few pictures this one is the opposite Find some pictures of the interior of this book my review really doesn't do it justice I really like the graphic aspects of this book and the idea of cooking tasks and recipes as a flowchart but the large format of the book was bulky

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