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Feuerherz Around the World challenge Eritrea This is the autobiography of a young girl whose father gave to an armed group when she was 6 for her to become a child soldier Her story is violent and hard to read because your brain wants to remain detached from it and to keep thinking it didn't happen for real It's almost a miracle she survived all this and was able to grow up old enough to testify i loved the book because it was well written and the story is well represented but what happened to Senait is so horrible that i realised that the world isn't just hearts and rainbows thank you for writting this book and i know it must have been a really tough for you but im glad that i read it Interesting depressing explains many problems that never were solved to this day Not a work of art but an interesting Geschichte of today's Germany I loved this book When I read it I believed it was true which made it very powerful I later read that there is much controversy around some facts in the book Either way it was a great read This might have been the first book I ever read by an African author I was only around 17 when I read it and many things I learned about Africa in this book surprised me Recommended This is the autobiography of a girl born in 1973 to an Ethiopian mother and Eritrean father who grew up in an orphanage in Asmara the capital city of Eritrea was returned to her father at about six years of age as the War of Liberation began and was given by her father to the Eritrean Liberation Front where she spent the next six years as a child solider until she escaped to Sudan then Germany and launched a career as a soul singer It is a harrowing read at times as Mehari lives through things at such a young age that people should never have to see or experience But it is also very uplifting An unwanted baby her mother packs her inside a suitcase closes the lid puts the suitcase in a cupboard and goes away Despite all the tortures and cruelties this is a moving testimony of a woman who started from the very bottom of society but who is aiming for the very top #97 Eritrea This is the autobiography of an Eritrean girl who was born in the 70's who grew up in an orphanage and who was returned to her abusive father at 6 As life becomes tougher and tougher he gives her and her sisters away to the Eritrean Liberation Front in order for them to become child soldiers The violence they witness there is astounding and what's striking is that they don't even know what they're supposed to fight for It's one of those stories that's so atrocious it's difficult to acknowledge it as a testimony because your mind wants to remain detached from it One of the best books I have read in a while It's the story about Senait's life her mother left her for dead in a suitcase on top of a bureau she lives in a few orphanages for a while goes to live with her abusive father who soon forces her to be a child soldier This girl has an amazing story Opening a new country in my soul this was an interesting journey I did tremble with the destiny that the little child was living Still the art of writing is much better in the second book and it goes also much deeper in this one there are facts and less soul insights Still everyone should read such books so that the wars and the abuses in the world would stop

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