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Gil's All Fright Diner Bloodier than Fried Green Tomatoes Funnier than The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Welcome to Gil s All Night Diner, where zombie attacks are a regular occurrence and you never know what might be lurking in the freezer Duke and Earl are just passing through Rockwood county in their pick up truck when they stop at the diner for a quick bite to eat They aren t planning to [Reading] ➷ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space By Muriel Dimen – where zombie attacks are a regular occurrence and you never know what might be lurking in the freezer Duke and Earl are just passing through Rockwood county in their pick up truck when they stop at the diner for a quick bite to eat They aren t planning to

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    Oh my Lord I needed this laugh today We have Duke who is a werewolf and ole Earl who is a vampire They end up stopping at Gil s Diner because Duke is hungry They meet Loretta who owns the place for reasons and she offers them a job when they help kill off some zombies I loved the pictures in my head of the old diner in the backwoods next to a cemetery in a small town We have ALL kinds of su

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    Loretta outweighed him by at least a hundred pounds Nonetheless, Sheriff Kopp held his ground with the courage of a man who had seen sheep explode spontaneously and lived to clean himself up later Any apocalypse is about living to tell about it, right The interesting thing about this small community is that spontaneously exploding sheep aren t the strangest things that happen.When Duke and Earl

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    Fast, fun read Solid four stars for cleverness and silliness the book blurb was right, this was silly in the style of Hitchhiker s Guide, and that s a high compliment indeed.It starts off like a buddy movie of the anti hero variety, with Earl the vampire and Duke the werewolf driving around drinking beer in a beat up pickup whose cab holds exactly 76 empties They stop at an all night diner run by L

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    Gil s All Fright Diner, first published in 2005 and was Martinez debut publication is a fun, no strings attached, steaming hot cup of have at you urban fantasy.Earl and Duke, vampire and werewolf respectively, arrive in Rockwood, a town in the middle of nowhere that has hadthan its share of occult goings on most of which seem to surround the vicinity of the all night diner.Along the way, Martinez intro

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    So far this book started with two thick accented Southerners, Earl The Earl of Vampires who is a neurotic and bitchy dude, while Duke The Duke of Vampires is laid back.

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    I really liked this book Very fluffy, but a nice tone and funny Makes fun of the vampire werewolf genre that has become ridiculous lately with the swoony man chests Would recommend to people who like Christopher Moore and other tongue in cheek fantasy adventures.

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    Loved Loved Loved this book I am a big fan of campy fun novels Books that make the unbelievable seem like, yeah. ohkay that could happen Meet two unlikely best friends Earl a vampire and Duke a werewolf Throw in an all nite diner run by a very large, very spunky Lorreta Sprinkle in a teenage wanna be mistress of the old gods, a few ghosts, and a ton of zombies ghouls and slimy, tentacled, oozing things, and you ha

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    I ll be the first to admit that there s been a glut of books like this on my reading list lately Humorous takes on horror archetypes seem to be all the rage right now, which isthan fine by me They re quick, light and entertaining just the break I need in between the other books that howl at me from the shelf, trying to guilt me into reading them next Gil s is a buddy adventure starring Earl the Vampire think Dwight Yo

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    The first page had most of the 7 famous words, driving while drinking, and the phrase yellow puddle formed around my groin I really do not think this is a youth book The curse words got worse from there, and graphic underage sex was also included The obese werewolf, describes the fatty woman s butt as it jiggles like the last time he disemboweled someone lovely Just what we want to teach teens today to think about large p

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    Melinda raised her head and uttered a low, haunting howl The rest of the herd joined her in a bloodcurdling moan that seemed to bubble up from the sulfurous pit of Hell itself Mo o o o o o o o o o oo Gotta love those zombie cows Rockwood is sort of a Texas redneck version of Sunnydale with its own answer to the Hellmouth Vampire Earl and werewolf Duke run out of gas in the God forsaken county of Rockwood and offers to help Lo

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About the Author: A. Lee Martinez

A Lee Martinez was born in El Paso, Texas At the age of eighteen, for no apparent reason, he started writing novels Thirteen short years and a little over a dozen manuscripts later, his first novel, Gil s All Fright Diner, was published His hobbies include juggling, games of all sorts, and astral projecting Also, he likes to sing along with the radio when he s in the car by himself.