Imagination According to Humphrey According to Humphrey

Imagination According to Humphrey According to Humphrey #11 Humphrey's eleventh adventure celebrates stories writing and the power of the imagination Imaginations are running wild in Mrs Brisbane’s class but Humphrey is stumped His friends are writing about where they would go if they could fly but Humphrey is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY right where he is in Room 26It’s pawsitively easy for Humphrey to picture exciting adventures with dragons and knights in the story Mrs Brisbane is reading aloud He has no trouble coming up with Plans to help his friends and tricks to entertain them His imagination even goes a little too far when he wonders if Carlos’s imaginary friend might be a ghostIf only his imagination wouldn’t disappear when he tries to write Luckily Humphrey likes a challenge and Mrs Brisbane has lots of writing tips that do the trick

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    This Humphrey story is all about using your imagination to create amazing stories about grand adventures Humphrey learns along with his classmates in Room 26 about what makes a good story and how to be creative when you are writing one Humphrey writes his own story as his classmates make theirs He goes on some interest

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    My 6 year old son enjoyed this book a lot I thought it had some clever parts as well

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    Read to my 3rd graders

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    My daughter 8yo and I truly enjoyed reading all of the Humphrey books together Humphrey is a true hero

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    My first grade son had been looking forward to reading this book ever since we saw a Coming Soon advertisement at the end of one of the other Humphrey books We were super excited to finally read itIn many ways this book delivers just what you would expect from a Humphrey book Humphrey pays attention in class he sometimes l

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    School Library Journal November 01 2014; 9780399257971 Gr 2 4 The students in Room 26 at Longfellow School are on their way to becoming writers Mrs Brisbane is encouraging them to use their imagination and fill in the blank to the sentence If I could fly I would Humphrey the class hamster wants to try too but finds himse

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    The cover caught my eye the Humphrey in the edition with me is too cute😘 I knew it is for kids And when the pre reading review session was happening I knew it is for kids; kids who are so little😊 I didn't care I loved the book it's obvious that my favourite character was Humphrey😊 Talkative Sophie determined Rosie

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    I truly enjoyed how the students are led to build their stories I especially loved when one student helps another one who is struggling to write his story by asking uestions about his story and then neatly adding adjective to give power to it I was really taken by Humphrey's take on imagination and how he comes up with his o

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    I liked this book and my son liked this book but we didn't think it was Humphrey at his best As another reviewer pointed out what were talked about in this book were 'homophones' and not 'homonyms' it is kind of a small point unless you are in school learning about them Also most books this one included I'm sure are not writte

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    Another delightful taleI read this book to my son before bedtime; a chapter per night He often asks for 2The chapters are just the right length settle a young man down before bedI stumbled on Betty Birney’s books after trying several others Her stories are smart thoughtful and well craftedI highly recommend them Even if she d

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