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Primperfect Prim #3 No don’t DO it Prim’s alive though the dashing Roderick is alas no She’s sixteen She’s trying to make sense of her mum’s diaries She is trying desperately to make Joel be friends with her again but he’s all friends with Karen aka the devil now and Prim’s found a boy called Robb with two bees and then there’s Steve the Goblin and her dad’s getting together with you’ll never guess who and as for what’s going on with Ciara and Syzmon Everything’s a little imperfectDesperately funny Desperately touchingThe final instalment in the diaries of Primrose Leary

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    It's overPrim is gone on her way and I can't believe that's itI love so much about these books and my reading genre of choice is usually YA anyway but there's something different about reading Prim's life as a PA physical adult Like Fintan said sometimes you might seem old but your still only a child inside compared to other YA booksThese books s

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    So many feels I'm sad Prim is over nowbut I suppose I can reread them all in a year or soAlso many uestions I want to know what happens next with Fintan Sorrel Robb Felix just everyone really Awesome ending thoughThere was a few parts that made me laugh out loud others that made me wince in recognitionI'm just glad there weren't camera phones back wh

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    In this outstanding conclusion to a series of great heart wit and originality Primrose’s mother comes into focus via diaries which Fintan Primrose’s auld fella – a likable gom in a show of uncharacteristic wisdom has hitherto kept from his daughter The diaries inform Prim’s travails as she wrestles with adolescent embarrassment and self doubt; th

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    In the final installment of this series Prim is 16 and reading the diaries her mother left her for the first time Like the other two books it captures the complexity of teen life full of intense emotion and bittersweet promise One of the strengths of the first two books was that they didn't tie up all loose ends but left a lot of threads open to interpretati

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    I did not enjoyed this story except the communication between Prim Fintan which was funny

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    Check out my full review of the series click hereHere's a snippet of my review I recently finished reading the series and I have to say I was surprised at how thoroughly impressed I was Upon first glance I had thought these novels would be middle grade light hearted sort of reads I did not account for the range of difficult topics character emotions and resonating s

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