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Stumbled upon this read when I lost 2 dogs in the span of 2 months It helped me through a dark time Many synchronicities between the experiences of this author and myself I hope my Seija finds her way back to me someday I read this when i lost my dog I had Max for 4 years It was too soon to lose him Its made to read week by week I read it all at once It gives me hope I will see my Max again I miss him😭 Terrible if you have just lost your pet Loved this bookNow I understand that I'm not alone I can feel my dog around me and very often I wonder when he will come back Well written book When Gail Graham's dog reincarnated she didn't know what to think Could such a thing really happen Was it possible Or had her awful grief made her a little bit crazy She'd never heard voices or seen a ghost Nothing like this had ever happened to her before Even so she found it hard to believe she was crazy Then she discovered that she was not alone Hundreds of other people had had the same experience Dogs reincarnate every day Because of the length of the human life span human beings can't usually reincarnate and rejoin their loved ones again in this life But because dogs' lives are so much shorter they can and do reincarnate and return to their beloved owners What about your dog Do you want him to come back to you This amazing true story tells you how it can happen It’s helping me grieving It gives me some hope my furbaby will return to me at some point She was my everything she still is my everything Thank you so much Dr Graham I received this book as a Goodreads First Read giveaway Obviously this is a book written for a specific audience The title kind of says it all and if you are not detered by it and better yet curious then this may be a good read for you To fully appreciate this kind of book reuires an open mind and a deep love for an animal companion deceased or living This is Gail's personal story of loss but also a manual for how to help your own deceased pet reincarnate It is the latter part that I am on the fence about but there is no doubt that Graham is a talented writer and has the ability to engross her readers Thank you Will YOUR Dog Reincarnate?

About the Author: Gail Graham

Gail Graham's newest novel SEA CHANGES will be published in May 2009 She is the author of six other books three of which have been NY Times Book of the Year Recommendations CROSSFIRE was awarded the prestigious Buxtehude Bulle and has been translated into German French Danish and Finnish Her most recent books are STAYING ALIVE and A LONG SEASON IN HELL Gail lived in Australia for 32 year

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