Honoring Sergeant Carter Redeeming a Black World War II

Honoring Sergeant Carter Redeeming a Black World War II Hero's Legacy Allene Carter's father in law was a decorated veteran Yet it was not until the Carter family received a call from the White House that she discovered he was a heroic force in the Rhineland campaign President Clinton awarded the Medal of Honor to several black soldiers who served in World War II Sergeant Edward A Carter Jr was among the recipients Shocked to learn the extent of Carter's service Allene was determined to uncover both the truth about her father in law's wartime record and why his official recognition was so long in comingHere is the story not only of Sergeant Carter but also of his family's fight to restore his honor Theirs is a journey that takes them from local veterans organizations to the office of the president and front pages of the national media An important piece of American history Honoring Sergeant Carter is an enduring story of determination and family love

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    I had seen the Netflix Medal of Honor series whose first episode was on Sgt Edward A Carter The book by his daughter in law filled in some of the details the show only touched uponSuffice it to say except for the overly long chapter on his father this was an interesting read Amazing as we think about today and tota

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    Great book loved itI'ts a shame how sergeant Carter was treated by his own country His daughter in law Allene Carter is a great person to put so much work into setting things right every family needs someone like her in itI first heard about sergeant Carter on the Netflix show medal of honor and after watching his ep

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    This is an excellent read The author presents readers through erudition superb storytelling and a passion for truth the often overlooked contributions and heroism of Black American servicemen and women during WWII As a proud inheritor of a family that has given military service to our country from the Civil War to the

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    A sad great story Some people are brave and some people act Sgt Carter was both He knew what to do and he completed his task without complaint He was the soldier we want when trouble is around Our country let him down At least the country apologized to his family and honored a very deserving soldier

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    An amazing tribute to an unsung hero who fought for his country but whose country didn't fight for him A gripping and sad portrait of the treatment of African American soldiers I'd recommend a paper copy the electronic book lacked photos

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    This was a good book It does make you mad seeing how a hero was treating by his own government But it is inspiring too Also it showed how to go about researching your family's military history This is a book that children need to read It shows where we have come from and that somethings are better but we still have a ways t

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    Sergeant Edward Carter was born to be a soldier during WWII he risked his life in an action for which everyone who served with him agreed that he should have been awarded the Medal of Honor but because he happened to be African American he was given a DSC instead one of several soldiers to be denied the Medal based solely on t

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    Honoring Sergeant Carter by Allene G Carter and Robert Allen reveals the staggering amount of racism displayed during the World Wars and how a person can overcome almost any challengehttpsdrivegooglecomopen?id0B2h

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    Another hidden chapter in history

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