The Two Dominant Woman and Their Slave MOBI Ò Two

The Two Dominant Woman and Their Slave This is part of Eric Blue LLC’s Scars of the Whip Training collection written by Kindle’s bestselling Femdom author Peter Martin The story revolves around the role change that takes place when the father figure of a family dies and his wife and daughter decide to join forces and create a dominatrix lead household The daughter Sara and her mother Katherine take command of the husband James James was to have a new life and it was to include housework and service as a butler He earned only demerits for his uality of service therefore demerits were earned Slowly he would have to work these demerits off but his body could not take much pain at a session The two woman Train James to do all the house work and become a hairdresser The women find James has time to work outside their home for other dominant women He becomes the male slave in town that is traded about all the time and although he thinks he is getting away with many things Femdom just does prevail Good story about a man who only realises that he actually wants to be a slave to his wife when his mother in law forces if upon him After a brief initial attempt to deny it he accepts it and becomes a total slave to not only his wife but the mother in law as well His wife is not dominant and only reluctantly goes along with all this as she sees that her mother in right and he really does want this Then various other women come on the scene and he willingly submits to them as well culminating in him being forced to take a job as a slave as wellThis is uite a long story and does suffer from repetitiousness which may have been an attempt to convey how boring a slaves' life is but I think it would have been better without all the repeats uite an inventive story of loving Femdom slavery TerribleThis story was so repetitive so boring it became a chore to read No or very little arc to the story all the characters seem to be same throughout with very little movement the erotica and the erotic situations that contained it were the same over and over and overugh

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