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In the Pink When two city girls embark on an afternoon of idle window shopping in Worcestershire and end up buying a horse their lives swerve gloriously off course Within weeks they have abandoned their careers in London in favour of life in the wilds of Ledbury But their dreams of a sunny rural idyll preferably funded by a landed local bachelor are uick to shatter Thrown into a hair raising world where the horses have cocaine habits and the locals have developed their own alternative to Viagra Molly Watson and her sister Annabel make their way through the maelstrom that is country life to hilarious effect

4 thoughts on “In the Pink

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    I read and am re reading this book just LOVE it A great book for anyone who loves horses and a light easy funny read

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    I love this book I've actually bought it twice lent it to friends and never seen it again Going to have to buy it a third time

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    Not a favourite readLove the idea of the story city dwelling London girls who want to try a year in the English rural countryside and join the horsey hunting scene I love the English country side I love horses and farm lifeI have no idea what happened to Bree

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    It’s such a shame this writer doesn’t seem to have written anything else as I would have ordered it immediately I read this ages ago when It first came out and gulped it down over about two days It is a testament to the writer that I still remember if fond

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