Twice 22 The Golden Apples of the SunA Medicine for

Twice 22 The Golden Apples of the SunA Medicine for Melancholy Wow Ray Bradbury is a literary master his is descriptive writing at its finest Nearly every single one of the 44 stories contained in this compendium is memorable and thought provoking I particularly liked A Medicine for Melancholy and In a Season of Calm Weather I think it's safe to say that Ray Bradbury has officially made it onto the list of my favorite authors This man is just a brilliant writer simply put I am so very glad I stumbled upon this collection of short stories Bradbury is a master of his craft and nowhere is this evident than in his short stories Usually with a collection of short stories it ends up being pretty 50 50 for me some I like some I don't With the exception of a few and I'm talking 3 4 out of 44 I really loved these There was a little bit of everything here; it wasn't just one genre or another And his stories are short sweet if you will which I liked They weren't drawn out unnecessarily and they got to the point Bradbury has such a way with words that this brevity really worked He describes things in a way that you've never thought of but that makes perfect sense This makes his stories come vividly to life without the need of cumbersome back story I truly have no other words his stories are beautiful All in all I enjoyed this collection immensely and it is not to be missed for Bradbury fans I can definitely see myself revisiting this in the future If you are a fan of the short story and are looking for some incisive artful stories look no further Ray Bradbury's your man This review can also be found on my blog CONTENTSTHE GOLDEN APPLES OF THE SUNThe Fog HornThe PedestrianThe April WitchThe WildernessThe Fruit at the Bottom of the BowlInvisible BoyThe Flying MachineThe MurdererThe Golden Kite The Silver WindI See You NeverEmbroideryThe Big Black And White GameA Sound Of ThunderThe Great Wide World Over TherePowerhouseEn La NocheSun And ShadowThe MeadowThe Garbage CollectorThe Great FireHail And FarewellThe Golden Apples Of The SunA MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLYIn The Season Of Calm WeatherThe DragonA Medicine For MelancholyThe End Of The BeginningThe Wonderful Ice Cream SuitFever DreamThe Marriage MenderThe Town Where No One Got OffA Scent of SarsaparillaIcarus Montgolfier WrightThe HeadpieceDark They Were And Golden EyedThe SmileThe First Night of LentThe Time Of Going AwayAll Summer In A DayThe GiftThe Great Collision of Monday LastThe Little MiceThe Shoreline At SunsetThe Strawberry WindowThe Day It Rained Forever While some stories in this collection were not up to Bradbury's usual level the majority were fantastic reads I recommend this collection highly Did not like any of story Some of these stories were breathtaking and some were really underwhelming In general reading this made me feel the same way you do when you look up at the sky and kind of acknowledge the stars and feel small He paints the sense of a world that's familiar but off and you're not sure why Enjoyable read Several stories seemed dated I remember reading some of them 50 or so years ago I didn't care much for this compilation There was nothing that tied the stories together so they were just a random assortment I usually really enjoy Bradbury's short stories because he gives the reader just enough information and story In other Bradbury compendia he has tied the stories to a central theme The stories in Twice 22 don't seem to be joined in any way and as a result I found the book in its entirety rather boringI did however enjoy The Pedestrian which was a commentary on the isolation of modern life These lives take place in our homes in front of television media which makes the story a surprisingly accurate portrayal of our modern ie 2010s life although it was published in the 1950sSimilarly in The Murder Bradbury comments on the stresses of an interconnected and constantly online society He thus predicts the Facebook revolution our dependence on our devices and our increasing tendency to live our lives in public He also predicts how some people become frustrated with this constant connectedness and end up canceling their Facebook accounts or are slow to adopt cell phones and smart phones Two volumes of stories by Ray Bradbury The Golden Apples of the Sun and A Medicine for Melancholy and Other Stories in one omnibus volume I picked it up because I'd been pining to read The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl one of my favorite Bradbury stories of all time and still a brilliant read There are certainly wonderful science fiction stories here Dark They Were and Golden Eyed and A Sound of Thunder are both two of the best known and two of the best but some of the stories have no fantastic element at all but are still wonderful like I See You Never and The Great Wild World Over There Ray was a writer of many talents and I think most readers will find something they really identify with here I hadn't read anything Bradbury except Fahrenheit 451 so it was great getting a feel for his short stories with 44 of them I have to say the ones that are just about normal life and not based in space definitely entranced me White Ice Cream Suit was one to look out for As is The Powerhouse although that might be scifi

About the Author: Ray Bradbury

Ray Douglas Bradbury American novelist short story writer essayist playwright screenwriter and poet was born August 22 1920 in Waukegan Illinois He graduated from a Los Angeles high school in 1938 Although his formal education ended there he became a student of life selling newspapers on LA street corners from 1938 to 1942 spending his nights in the public library and his days at

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