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Prater Violet Prater Violet is the most charming novel I have read in a long time —Diana TrillingOriginally published in 1945 Christopher Isherwood's Prater Violet is a stingingly satirical novel about the film industry It centers around the production of the vacuous fictional melodrama Prater Violet set in nineteenth century Vienna providing an ironic counterpoint to tragic events as Hitler annexes the real Vienna of the 1930s The novel features vivid portraits of the imperious passionate and witty Austrian director Friedrich Bergmann and his disciple a genial young screenwriter—the fictionalized Christopher Isherwood

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    A brief novella with no chapters published in 1945; Isherwood is as good as ever It is autobiographical and the main character is called Christopher Isherwood It describes Isherwood’s time as a screenwriter on the film Little Friend in 1934 The central character is a film director Friedrich Bergmann based on Berthold Viertel It is set at the time of the

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    This slim satirical novel written six years on from Goodbye to Berlin is built around Isherwood's own experiences of scrip writing For the generation of writers who grew up with silent cinema the arrival of sound was an opportunity not to be missed A chance to take a break from novel writing and enter the glamorous world of film All of a sudden actors needed l

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    I absolutely fell in love with this charming little book about cinema performance and the 1930s I read it all in one go

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    A masterpiece Does in 128 pages what contemporary or recently deceased masters can't do in a thousand pages Every word every sentence perfectThe narrator Christopher Isherwood who is not the author but is the author is hired to work on a film that is directed by an Austrian Jew in London during the fall of his country to Hitler This slim book shows you everything that's

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    A wafer thin parable Isherwood in London writes on assignment a trite film script while Europe prepares for W2 Get the irony? His writing is clean and crispy clear as usual but only the last couple of pages crack anything personal or profound The real irony about Isherwood whose reputation continues to rise today is that until a hit 60s musical Cabaret was produced from a p

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    This is one of my favorite books My uncle gave me a copy when I was in high school and I have re read it every couple years ever sinceIsherwood is better known for Berlin Stories a semi autobiographical work on pre Nazi Germany which became the basis for CabaretPrater Violet is a semi autobiographical account of the young Isherwood was hired to write the screenplay for a relentle

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    Isherwood himself in the novel as novice scriptwriter and his new acuaintance the German film director Bergmann during their first lunch with the studio head ChatsworthThe cigar somehow completed Chatsworth As he puffed it he seemed to grow larger than life size His pale eyes shone with a prophetic light‘For years I’ve had one great ambition You’ll laught at me Everybody does Th

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    Reading Isherwood I find myself nodding and smiling agreeing with all he says and does as if he's my older brother my idol who continues to impress me and I continue to follow because I believe in them their personality and their beliefs; or partly because I see parts of myself in Isherwood even flawed parts of myself which I can relate to that I can laugh at myself as Isherwood does with

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    First Line “Mr Isherwood?”Yes the protagonist of this book is Mr Isherwood himself uite unusual but also uite brilliant The story takes place in London just before WWII where Isherwood is working on a screenplay with Friedrich Bergmann We follow the writing process and part of the movie production of Prater Violet – probably inspired of Isherwood’s ie the real Isherwood own experience a

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    I found PRATER VIOLET an engaging novella that effectively satirizes the making of movies in the 1930s The first person narrator Christopher Isherwood is a close adjunct to the author and not above having a bit of fun with the making of a cloying studio movie set in Olde Vienna whose director is worried sick about the onslaught of fascism in the real Vienna where his close relatives are marooned The

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