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The Opposite A playful look at opposites from this exciting new picture book author and acclaimed illustrator A little boy wakes up one morning to see The Opposite sitting on his ceiling This impish creature manages to ensure that whatever the little boy says the opposite will be true The little boy tries to rectify everything as it goes wrong but the mess in the kitchen and the classroom soon gets him into trouble It takes some very uick thinking and a clever twist for him to be able to get rid of the Opposite once and for all

10 thoughts on “The Opposite

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    So fun It's like reverse psychology explained for kids And we know how much kids love doing the opposite especially when it come to chores and other not so fun activities

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    Love this uirky fun read aloud Favorite line But then the opposite happened Kids love this read aloud and I love reading it to them

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    This book is a great read I like this creature the opposite because he is so incredibly uniue its not like monsters or fairies or common fantasy creations This is one that causes you to think even though I am not a child it still caused me to think about what it meant when it said that the opposite happened at one point I didn't know if that meant that the opposite had appeared in the scene or if literally the opposite of what he was told

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    First off the illustrations creeped me the heck out Now on to professional thingsNate wakes up one morning to find The Opposite on his ceiling a being who turns Nate’s world topsy turvy Although the humans in Odriozola’s pen and watercolor illustrations are primitive and somewhat unsettling most children who have all pretended it is “Opposite Day” at one time or another will be too busy anticipating the next “opposite” moment to ca

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    One morning Nate wakes up to find The Opposite standing on his bedroom ceiling Throughout the day it follows him changing everything he tries to do into the opposite until he comes up with a brilliant plan This story gives a mischievous twist to the genre of children’s “opposite” books The unusual personification of “The Opposite” helps to make this a story to be enjoyed over multiple readings and by a wide range of readers While the prima

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    I loved this book I have a connection with this book because I used to pretend like certain days were opposite days Anyways this is a great book for kids who are learning about opposites because the opposite does everything the opposite of what he is supposed to do I think that kids k 3 could totally relate to this book

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    Whatever Nate does the Opposite makes it messy Nate did not do it yet people do not believe him Nate later on learn to trick the Opposite His work claimed to be messy the opposite made it tidy Clever story and brillant illustration The concept of opposite is wisely played in this book The author is from Engliand and the illustrator is from Spain

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    My 5 year old loves this book right now If he didn't I would probably give it a lower rating because there's just something not uite right with it although I can't uite pin down what that is The illustrations are great simply drawn but very evocative

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    This was a really cool book a brain teaser about opposites and a fun read The illustrations of the Opposite were somehow disturbing and there was a creepy undercurrent that I couldn't put my finger on maybe I'm just a weirdo Certainly worth reading; my son asked if we could buy it

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    I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about this book it's a very clever idea but I wonder if it's too clever for the target audience It seems like a children's book written for grown ups I will have to wait until my baby is much older to see whether or not she agrees

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