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Up Your Game This is a four star book if you are into the technology field otherwise it is a book you read just because the author is your neighbor and even though I have know David for many years I learned some interesting facts about his life and think he is uite remarkable for writing such an interesting book I really liked his ideas he put forth about networking especially the idea that networking should not be done just to get something from someone but to find out how you can give and help others By doing it that way and making real relationships you are rewarded with them desiring to help you I do not think many business people think like that but as he puts forth his ideas I can see that he lives what he speaks I enjoyed it David Bradford was recently inducted into the Utah Technology Council Hall of Fame If you don't know much about Utah and think that all worthy tech comes from Silicon Valley you're wrong Utah is home to the company a Seuoia Capital investor called the most important pre IPO software company of its time as well as a thriving tech ecosystem that has produced a raft of innovative and valuable companies The fact that Bradford is in Utah's tech Hall of Fame is a big dealIn this book he tells us about the principles he followed as a relationship builder to create a billion dollar network and successfully lead several tech companies to massive success I read Up Your Game immediately after finishing Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi one of the giant works in networking literature While Ferrazzi's book covered ground Up Your Game offered the most important set of principles in an easy to remember list that is much simpler to implement Read Up Your Game and learn how to network authentically to build meaningful relationships that will deliver significant personal and professional value to your life No matter where you are on your career trajectory a new college graduate a CEO or anywhere in between networking is essential to your success Here David Bradford shows us network doesn't have to be a four letter word Bradford The Bottlecap Kid rose from humble beginnings to become CEO of two of the country's top 50 tech companies and is arguably the most connected human on planet Earth In this book he shares with us his six UP Principles The very same strategies he attributes to his tremendous success

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