The Adams Jefferson Letters The Complete Between Thomas

The Adams Jefferson Letters The Complete Between Thomas Jefferson and Abigail and John Adams Sigh when will we again grace with Statesmen like Adams and Jefferson I was motivated to buy this by the John Adams miniseries The letters that were read in the final episode were very moving I imagined I would have to hunt around in the volume for letters as good as the ones read in the series That was mostly wrong Not every letter is as good as the best letters but most are uite readable And many could have been as entertaining as the ones read in the series I loved where the former presidents compared notes on the cranks who came in to deliver their apocalyptic opinions to the president That would have made a great scene The letters also tell me that I would not want to be on the other end of a correspondence with an angry Abigail Adams That said Jefferson was able to clear himself of the charges better than the series might have led a viewer to believe The miniseries is accurate but sometimes misleading though in ways that are almost inevitable when brevity is an issue 1242016What I've read is marvelous but my present mindset does not provide suitable ground for this to flourish Not when severing the union seems like the perfect solution to irreconcilable differences Party hatred by its deadly poison blinds the Eyes and envenoms the heart It is fatal to the integrity of the moral Character It sees not that wisdom dwells with moderation and that firmness of conduct is seldom united with outrageous voilence ie violence of sentiment Abigail Adams If only it were a party It's the peopleBuddy read with Ran and DianeScheduleJuly 24 pp 263 280; 290 338 How grief opens doors and softens hearts The death of Mary was unsurprising as the catalyst for reconciliationJuly 31 pp 339 394Aug 7 395 456Aug 14 559 614 One of many books I've stolen from my dad's bookshelf I ADORE Jefferson and Adams' letters to one another although the Adams' letters to each other are wonderful to read also The parallel of Jefferson and Adams' stories their correspondence repairing their relationship at the end of their lives the synchronicity of their deaths pretty amazing stuff Such a dork These men were of the most brilliant to ever walk on this continent This was my big read for 2014 I read a letter or two every day starting in January and here I am done a month ahead of schedule The letters between these two men make for an amazing read especially after they retire from the public eye Other reviews will do a better job explaining the context and times of the correspondence so let me leave you with part of Jefferson's condolence letter to John Adams upon the death of his wife Abigail I will not therefore by useless condolences open afresh the sluices of your grief nor although mingling sincerely my tears with yours will I say a word where words are vain but that it is of some comfort to us both that the term is not very distant at which we are to deposit in the same cerement our sorrows and suffering bodies and to ascend in essence to an ecstatic meeting with the friends we have loved and lost and whom we shall still love and never lose again Fascinating in depth and compelling Loads and loads of correspondence between two of the most important of the founding fathers Their letters in the 18th century are interesting but sort of practical and perfunctory and then their estrangement after their vitriolic presidential campaigns concluding with the heart of their correspondence after their reconciliation which covers the most rich and intellectually stimulating letters Their philosophical stuff towards the end is decidedly the most important esp right now but the reconciliation is also extremely interesting showing the almost tragicomic process of a friendship deteriorating and the herculean effort reuired to patch things up All in all very worth while read These letters make John and Abigail and Thomas Jefferson come alive on the page What most intrigued me was the conflict that grew between Adams and Jefferson Adams' jealousy of his wife's friendship with Jefferson and the letters between Abigail and Jefferson attempting to deal with the schism Fascinating When I started this book I assumed I would slog through it and learn some useful things and get some enjoyment out of reading these Founding Fathers' own words instead of those of historians I did not expect it would return to my bookshelf as one of the most beloved books thereThe letters delve deep into the expected — the inner workings of a young democracy the establishment of a fledgling economic power on the world scene And yes there are points of mundane bureaucracy passages about whale oil salt fish loans insurance Especially in the early years much of John Adams' and Jefferson's correspondence was taken up with matters of business Yet even within these passages there are delightful gems and in Jefferson and Abigail Adams' correspondence there are far abundant examples of the mutual friendship and admiration between the Adamses and Jefferson Their personalities emerge in a different and generally richer way than they do in even the best history booksAs expected Jefferson's prose stands out Were there nothing else of value in the collection it would be worth a read just to see him pepper even the most mundane topics with bits like calling an ambassador a torpid uninformed machine much less the longer passages that show his elouence was not limited to important documents But while Adams doesn't achieve the same freuent elegance his letters are filled with reminders that he was an excellent statesman and right often than history gave him credit for although Jefferson does in later letters And then there is a lull in the correspondence where the history books and the useful concise chapter introductions of this book must fill in the blanks The Adamses and Jefferson return to the United States John Adams and Thomas Jefferson become political rivals candidates in one of the most bitter election campaigns this country has known leaders for a generation that agreed on independence but not what to do after independence was wonFor all the highlighter worthy lines before this point the greatness comes when John Adams sends a letter and a package after both are retired initiating a torrent of letters that lasted until the two men died Their topics range from education to metaphysics to aristocracy but Adams' and Jefferson's late in life correspondence is far a story about a seemingly impossible reconciliation Somehow both men found the capacity to either forgive or forget and a willingness to listenYou and I ought not to die before We have explained ourselves to each other Adams writes And they do tiptoeing sometimes and always explaining not attempting to convinceThe politics and the history are there in abundance but to me this collection of letters is about a human drama where the cast of characters are some of the most important names in American history I've read at least one historian that presented the letters as Adams and Jefferson posing for posterity They were surely aware that these letters might be published someday but posing for posterity doesn't account for the clear joy both express in having one great mind to converse with one friend left from the generation of 1776 Scribbling out these letters with aging hands they long for an hour of conversation difficult to imagine in our age of cell phones and jet travelThese letters combine to tell a story about life but also a story of death In later years facing their own mortality Adams and Jefferson are unafraid of the topic Religion the afterlife the rights of the next generation to take over By the time I reached the final letters the impossible timing of their deaths started to seem less impossible and I found myself glad that neither had to deal with the loss of his dear correspondentNot surprisingly Jefferson sums it up better than I have managed to in this reviewA letter from you calls up recollections very dear to my mind It carries me back to the times when beset with difficulties and dangers we were fellow laborers in the same cause struggling for what is most valuable to man his right of self government Laboring always at the same oar with some wave ever ahead threatening to overwhelm us and yet passing harmless under our bark we knew not how we rode through the storm with heart and hand and made a happy port An intellectual dialogue of the highest plane achieved in America the correspondence between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson spanned half a century and embraced government philosophy religion uotidiana and family griefs and joys First meeting as delegates to the Continental Congress in 1775 they initiated correspondence in 1777 negotiated jointly as ministers in Europe in the 1780s and served the early Republic each ultimately in its highest office At Jefferson's defeat of Adams for the presidency in 1800 they became estranged and the correspondence lapses from 1801 to 1812 then is renewed until the death of both in 1826 fifty years to the day after the Declaration of IndependenceLester J Cappon's edition first published in 1959 in two volumes provides the complete correspondence between these two men and includes the correspondence between Abigail Adams and Jefferson Many of these letters have been published in no other modern edition nor does any other edition devote itself exclusively to the exchange between Jefferson and the Adamses Introduction headnotes and footnotes inform the reader without interrupting the speakers This reissue of The Adams Jefferson Letters in a one volume unabridged edition brings to a broader audience one of the monuments of American scholarship and to uote C Vann Woodward 'a major treasure of national literature'

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