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Scent of Cloves Julia Ashley was born to a life of dramatic twists and tragedy Saved from Cromwell’s Irish massacres by her nurse saved from starvation by a Dutch sea captain Her future and any possible lasting happiness depended entirely on a ‘glove marriage’ to a man who was no than a name The Dutch East Indies in the seventeenth century were lands of legendary riches; of ‘nutmeg princes;’ of fortunes and family empires built on barbaric plantations and slavery And amid the extravagance the cruelty the bizarre customs perhaps the strangest events of all were the curious weddings that sent girls half way around the world to husbands they had never seen Julia brave and stoical with a stormy and turbulent history behind her took her ‘glove’—of yellow pearl sewn silk—and began the journey to the island of Rua to a land of seeming paradise where nothing was exactly as it appeared One of my favorite by NL Think tropical scenes and lost loves Lofts is a deeply unfashionable writer who people in the know keep saying should be rediscovered Katherine EdgarLittle did I know when I began reading Scent of Cloves the highs and lows I would feel With a touch of Jane Eyre some dismal times from Bleak House and a bit of the horror concerning slavery as seen in Roots Julia Ashley’s world was often brutal at times She was the only child of a noble couple who died in Cromwell’s purge during the 1600s Her childhood was erratic By the time she was 15 her hand was given in marriage by proxy to a man halfway around the world Her seven month voyage would carry her to the Dutch East Indies to meet her husband Nothing and I mean nothing prepared her or me for her life on RuaThis was a gritty story and one I was sucked into Loft’s lack of glamorizing the exotic setting made it feel very real The characters and the storyline were tied in knots Cruelty and gentleness showed up in the most unusual places And as much as I didn’t like certain reminders of Julia’s long ago world it made for a wicked but auspicious tale I felt like I have been taken through a wringer An unusual and interesting story of Julie Ashley a young woman who undertakes a glove marriage and sails to the island of Rua to be the wife of a man she has never met The strength of the novel lies in the detail and historical period of when the Dutch East Indian Company was at it's peakThis is a novel of suspense and mystery than of romance although there is a romantic element to the story It is an engrossing well written novel and kept my interest throughout but I would have liked a detailed ending for some of the characters A very enjoyable historical novel that takes the reader from Ireland to Indonesia via Amsterdam at the time of Cromwell The first novel by Norah Lofts I have read but certainly not the last one Interesting characters good story telling that gets you involved right away I found the end a bit weak which is why I didn't give it five stars

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