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Ricardo The Santiago Brothers #3 Can she escape her captor's heatUS Marshal Melody Lewis lives her life by one code no men On a vacation trip to Dubai she finds herself in the middle of a desert with no choice but to trust a man who's the key to her survivalKeeping American lives safe is Agent Ricardo Santiago's main priority Living life in the field he doesn't have time for a relationshipuntil he meets a kidnapped woman who desperately needs his help I enjoyed all three booksbut I think the third book was the best one I wish there was an epilogue This book was much better than book two in the series The story was suspenseful and romantic For the most part characters behaved as you would expect with the exception of the heroine who at times seemed oblivious to the type of danger she was in which seemed unlikely given her own history and profession I also was disappointed in the uality of the editing which failed to catch consistent problems with verb tense especially past perfect For example the past tense of lie is lay not lied Had beat should be had beaten and could've swore should be could've sworn Once the hero's name was given as Roberto and several times you and I should correctly have been you and me I find these errors distracting but I do enjoy this author and recommend better editing Enjoyable I loved the desert setting I liked the character interactions between the Ricardo Mel and Hakeem I really really enjoyed the final book of the Santiago Brothers series Don't get me wrong I loved the first two books as well but it was Ric's story where you get into the crux of the family pain and ultimate healing in this last bookRic Santiago is a field operative in the middle east his job is to help bring down terrorists who want to cause harm to the innocent civilians and crimes terrorism against the United States While on assignment a Female US Marshal is captured and brought to Sheikh Hassan's tent and Ric is there He knows he has to think uickly if he is going to save her so although the she was offered to Sheikh Hassan he declines and tells Ric to take her and marry her Ric agrees to take her but not to marry her but to warm his bed which was a ruse because he was thinking of getting her out of thereMelody Lewis is one minute on vacation in Dubai and the next minute she is victim of a kidnapping Held against her will in a foreign land no one to contact She finds herself in a tent surrounded by men once her blindfold comes off She listens as their is rapid dialogue going on and then she is lifted to her feet and ushered out of their by a man who seems kind but hooded behind closed eyes She comes to find her rescuer is an American like she is and he wants to help her get out He briefly reveals to her he is working undercover and he can not have his position compromised by her being thereRic is a man of honor but also a man who has had no contact with his family in years A man who has taken assignments across the world a man who was running Hakeem is an operative who takes Ric under his wing Hakeem is a man who had lost everything his son in a suicide bombing attack and his wife who was so overcome with grief she committed suicide Hakeem and Ric have become father and son coming together under a shared bond of great loss So they have been working together to help bring down the terrorists that are threatening to blow up the US Embassy and the surrounding EmbassiesMelody Lewis is a woman who has been cruelly violated and devastated she has taken to always have no relationships except with herself she trusts no one and lets no one get close to her She is a good agent but she really tested my nerves with her inability to listen and practically compromising the whole mission with her hardheadedness and the always saying she is sorry I so wanted to throttle her neck Melanie is a prime example of when not letting go and forgiving so that you can finally have peace that God always want to give to us There were great lessons to be learned in this story and I do believe that is why this is my most favorite in this seriesAuthor K Victoria Chase did an outstanding job in telling each of the brothers stories and ending with Ric Santiago reconciliation with his own family But then an explosive secret is exposed in the end that I did not nor would have guessed was coming I wonder if Ms Chase is going to delve into or let it go it will be most desirous if she does further expound on itWell Until My Next Review Ciao Bellas

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