The Yankee Stud the Turkish Wrestler and Insufferable

The Yankee Stud the Turkish Wrestler and Insufferable Pride Made it to 25% then decided this was not for me Not for me The writing itself wasn't bad but I didn't care for the storylineview spoilertoo much disgust shown by the MC hide spoiler Good descriptions I could smell the olive oil and sweat and feel the hairy body I kept waiting for the book to get better and all of a sudden it was done Thank heavens Adrian is a soldier in the US Army who has been trained to do a lot of things he would never want to do But when he's assigned to a joint Turkish mission the only American on a foreign base he has no idea what he's in for He's living with dozens of macho Turkish men who have very unusual for Adrian ideas about acceptable man on man contact One of them in particular Kemal thinks nothing of close touching and constant nudity Kemal even urges Adrian to participate in a type of oil wrestling that pushes Adrian even further across his own personal line of heterosexuality

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