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Jake Millers Wheel All through the book I kept asking myself what is wrong with Jake Miller He does have problems as he struggles with his demons his Wheel of Life and the Fatidic Light It was a good thing that I read Men With Broken Faces first as this book carries on in a different light but with some of the same people from Men With Broken Faces so I knew their background This book starts in 1913 and ends in 1937 and no I am not telling you the ending Jake and his wife leave Iowa and homestead in northeastern Montana Jake was a lot of different things to different people described as unbalanced despondent high strung crazy a melancholiac strange sense of humor misunderstood aggravating funny close friend unliked extraordinary too smart neighbor or friend or just downright batty What do you think?I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads as a bonus book with Men With Broken Faces In this Dostoyevskian novel Jake Miller a minor character drawn from James Ostby's first literary work Men With Broken Faces is a homesteader in northeastern Montana who suffers life to a higher degree than do most people Uneducated though intelligent and noble of spirit he plods on over the open prairie and the vast wheatfields of his life trying to find solace in farming everyday life and through his somewhat ironic sense of humor Jake is haunted by both his Wheel of Life and the Fatidic Light His Wheel of Life like a grindstone is a relentless psychological encumbrance that he has had to endure from childhood Its severity varies from mild to unbearable though Jake has no choice but to suffer it valiantly and with little complaint The Fatidic Light is frightening It is an actual hallucination that Jake first sees as a harbinger of misery and doom Only late in life does he discover its essence A main thread through the book is Jake's ups and downs as he struggles for peace and normalcy In his continual and noble efforts to endure his difficult existence he turns to philosophy religion and to any other contrivance or device that makes his way easier In the end Jake Life is a farceAmen to that Mr Ostby This is the second book I've read by Ostby and first off that man is like a walking encyclopedia of words It's phenomenal No other author I've read uses such an expansive collection of near borderline verbiageIt's not a book that you read to lift your soul though it does ask you to look at your own a little Was Jake Miller crazy or brilliant? Did he suffer than your average human or did he just acknowledge about the human condition? I think all of these can only be answered in each individual's personal reading of it with no answer being wrong Though I did enjoy it I will saymaybe not the time to read it after being depressed and delirious with cabin fever in Boston after our about fourth blizzard in a month or sothen again reading it in sunny summer might feel off too choose yer own adventure kids I was glad to read this book and to go back to one of the characters from the author's other book Men with Broken Faces That book really touched me as a citizen however this book had of a paranormal feel to it I liked that Jake kept talking to Mable and I enjoyed the way the author wrote about Jake's past It made it easier to understand why he was the way he was I enjoyed the ending and I could picture Jake's character This book has farming bombs phone calls and of course dealing with the everyday depressions in life I am giving this book a 45 I was given a copy to review however all opinions are my own One of my favorite aspects of this book was the cross between characters from Men With Broken Faces great book You actually meet Jake Miller and his wife in this earlier book and follow through his treks as he seeks out the meaning of life in Jake Miller's Wheel It was a deep book and had kept me thinking and highlighting on my Kindle throughout When I hit Part IV I was captivated by the turn of events I did not see this turn coming a good twist just like in James Ostby's previous book I read I'm still thinking about Jake Miller and his Wheel of Life pondering everything and the way it played outI received an ARC from Mr Ostby to review and am so grateful I had the opportunity See a full review on wwwplayingjokerscom I received a free copy of this book as a Goodreads First ReadThis is the first book I have read by this author Whilst I was undecided after the first couple of chapters I found myself gradually getting into it and ultimately thoroughly enjoyed it A good writing style and credible storyline Recommended What do you want to believe was he crazy or to smart for his own good Jake Jake The Non church of the Non religious Believers? The Congregation of the Unholy? The Temple of the Cosmos? Assembly of False Hope? If you want to make real money start a religion he was being silly The Wheel never influenced him; he had controlled the Wheel for better or worse Aww here is story filled with a depressed drunkard soul contemplating constantly with himself and his inner spirit Tragedy strikes how does he deal with it? I was taken back with the sorrow and his pitiful soul so tragic indeed Life events uestions uestioning himself again and again spiraling downward His forever wife Mable forgiving him and overlooking his weakness and faults Pioneer life with the struggles to settle down and fighting the inner demons Faith is there any left? Excellent read writing great just like his other book Men With Broken Faces Actually I'm sort of speechless after reading this book that it took me awhile just to write this review sorry it's a short one though I did feel Jake's pain and sorrow which the author captured perfectly wish it wasn't so I'm having difficulties finding the write words This book was included with Men With Broken Faces Thank you very much Darlene Cruz I have yet to find a book written by Mr Ostby that I haven't enjoyed reading and this book is no exception This book in particular will make you stop and think than once It's like a vignette on the story of the main character's life actually a wheel of his life hence the title It takes place in Montana in the early years of our Country from 1913 on and if you've read any of Mr Ostby's other books you should be familiar with the character in the book Some chapters will make you chuckle while others will choke you up a bit but no two are the same and each one is uite interesting If you are a fan of Mr Ostby as I am you will enjoy this book as well I won this book at Goodreads was thrilled with the win and it had no bearing whatsoever on my review of this book

About the Author: James Ostby

James Ostby grew up on the barren High Plains of northeastern Montana on the farm homesteaded by his grandparents in 1912 He holds a bachelor of science degree in general studies a bachelor of science in film and television production and a minor in history He was a personnel psychology specialist in the army in the mid '60s has worked in public and commercial television and was the owner

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