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Hoot Flush; Scat; Chomp My girls enjoyed all of them 8 11 Discover the funny side of Florida with #1 New York Times bestselling author Carl Hiaasen in this collection of four books Hoot Flush Scat and Chomp It's classic Hiaasen laugh out loud Satire in a Florida setting Life for all animal lovers 3 this collection is great I totes loved hoot flush which both had passionate environmentalists concerned about saving the animals #peta This was such a cute mystery series These books are very good reads especially if you like to read about endangered animals I would say this is a book for anyone to read It was fun reading those stories and i really love reading it Hoot is my favorite one out of all of the other stories and it was very interesting I’ve never learned so much about Florida’s abundant wildlife until reading Carl Hiaasen’s fun and educational middle grade books I have enjoyed them all immensely

About the Author: Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida After graduating from the University of Florida he joined the Miami Herald as a general assignment reporter and went on to work for the newspaper’s weekly magazine and prize winning investigations team As a journalist and author Carl has spent most of his life advocating for the protection of the Florida Everglades He and his family live in southern

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