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Daddy Pops Her Cherry Dave misses his awkward beanpole of a stepdaughter Little does he know that Johanna's done some serious growing up in the year she's been away at college Can Dave control his illicit sexual impulses or will his daughter's virginity be plunderedExcerpt“Daddy”I’m startled out of my reverie by her voice It’s low almost husky Suddenly she sounds so mature“Yes”“You know what I just said about you being a good teacher”“Sure” I don’t know what she’s getting at but all of a sudden she’s turning around to face me those magical fingers fidgeting with a button on my jacket She tries to make eye contact but ends up staring past me studying the lights on the distant shore There’s a gleam on her lips that is utterly entrancing the slight shiver of her bare arms as they break out in goosebumps“I meant it Daddy You’re a great teacher And for a while now I’ve wanted you to teach me about something Something I haven’t learned yet”

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