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Cougar Tales Cougar Tales is a collection of six short stories centered around Joi a potential cougar who loves younger men diverse relationships and the finer things in lifeIn Father and Son Joi and Jon enjoy a wonderfully loving relationship and begin planning their wedding until his father intervenes because he thinks she is too old for his son Then life happensThis is the first of six short stories about Joi and the relationships in her life with younger men At less than 6000 words this is the perfect uick and entertaining read for those wanting to relax with a good book but don’t have much time to read

About the Author: Cheryl Holloway

wwwCherylHollowaynetblogShe has several forthcoming books including Lana’s Dream and How to Enhance Your Life with Prayer When she’s not writing books she is either writing her blog or reading You can visit her website and blog at

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    A Cougar Wants Love Too“Cougar Tales” is a three book set about a lady named Joi who just wants to be loved She chooses younger men because they appeal to her so than men her same age Will she find happiness? Only time will tellI read these three novels “Father Son” “The Italian Basketball Player” and “Jamaican Love” in one day as they were relatively sho

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    I received a copy of the Cougar Tales Box set from Cheryl Holloway in return for my honest reviewNow i'm not a person who generally enjoys short stories but i did enjoy the concept of Father Son Some people may say the story is badly written but i believe its just right for a novellauite simple and really easy to follow When a writer gets too technical with their writing in a

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    This review is a review of all three booksstories as I received them as apart of a setThese three short stories takes you inside the life of a cougar In a relationship age isn't anything but a number If a relationship will succeed it has to have a lot going for it than same age I don't want to give much away but as with anything else there are peaks and valleys I know there were sho

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