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Sellout The Politics of Racial Betrayal In this incisive and unflinching study Randall Kennedy author of Nigger The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word tackles another stigma of America's racial discourse “selling out” He explains the origins of the concept and shows how fear of this label has haunted prominent members of the black community—including most recently Colin Powell Condoleezza Rice and Barack Obama Sellout also contains a rigorously fair case study of America's uintessential racial “sellout”—Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas In the book's final section Kennedy recounts how he himself has dealt with accusations of being a sellout after meeting fierce criticism at Harvard upon the publication of his book Nigger From the Trade Paperback edition

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    I enjoyed reading this book Kennedy has a very engaging writing style that makes a rather grave subject accessible I didn't agree with all of the conclusions that Kennedy made ie his compari

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    This is a great book that provides an insightful and even handed look at the use of the word sellout by some African Americans against other blacksKennedy is personally ualified as he notes near

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    Was really expecting something phenomenal from the title of the book only to briskly read it and find out that the book was ordinary This book exposed a lot of history I didn't know of but the book fe

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    Kennedy's tendency to go off on tangents would be forgivable if this book wasn't so brief His lengthy examination of Clarence Thomas is the only place where this volume seems adeuate Elsewhere Kennedy see

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    This was a fascinating book and I wish I had read it before reading “The Sellout” by Paul Beatty I would also love to sit down with Randall Kennedy and hear his thoughts on “cancel culture” and social m

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    Seems like it was too short great read though

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    The black community like every other has its “Official” history and along side of that history it has “Things we wish weren’t true and we’re trying to forget about so please stop bringing it up”I imagine that

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    Excellent ExcellentUpon reading this I was appalled at how little of black history I knew I'm white from California The point of this book is that African Americans are often at odds within their community of which of their l

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    More of a 35 but I'm bumping it up to 4 This book really could have been fleshed out especially given that half of it seems to be devoted to the case of Clarence Thomas but it's an engaging look at how the concept of the racial b

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    Randall Kennedy of 'Nigger the strange career of a troublesome word' has written another legal brief masuerading as a book The author discusses the concept of 'sellout' and documents the concept very well His discussion of accusations

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