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Blood Moon On the night of their twenty first birthday Brooke Leighton's twin brother is mysteriously murdered in a back alley The mystery of Bobby's death is never solved which leads to her unuenchable thirst for justice and a rising career on the police forceSeven years later her birthday is still a constant source of discord for her and no matter how hard she tries to celebrate she often struggles to just get through the day This year is no different when a ghost from her past crashes her party sending her carefully reconstructed life into a tailspin and unearthing everything she's worked so hard to buryHer life is further complicated when she is assigned to a homicide investigation that mirrors her brother's murder While examining the crime scene with her partner and current love Brooke hears a strange noise Thinking it might be the suspect she investigates but what she initially thinks is a large dog turns out to be anything but Unfortunately Brooke does not escape this encounter unscathed and she is left with than just the physical scars to remind her of the night her life was left unknowingly and irreparably altered When the next full moon rises an entirely new world opens up to her unlocking the secrets behind the investigation and her brother's unsolved murder

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    Amazing writer great story A mystery that will pull you in and leave you begging for the next book

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    My Thoughts 35 out of 5 Unicorns I than liked itReceived the ebook for an honest reviewThe cover is a mixed bag for me I like the moon with the wolf shadow and the fonts used for the text; however the model looks unhealthy and it could be that’s the look that was intended It is just not my styleI definitely enjoyed reading this book

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    45 out of 5 starsThis book was amazing I found myself not being able to put it down once I started The main character Brooke is so well written She is strong driven and so incredibly selfless The relationships in the story will have you crying giggling and smiling like a love sick teenager from their pure honesty The storyline moves along so t

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    When I began this book I wanted to like it I really did Instead I loved it and read it in two nights It was hard to put down for even that long A difficulty of supernatural novels lies in how effective the author can be at tying those elements into the real world he or she creates Ryan is able to do this with ease No cheesy eye roll inducing scenes in

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    This book was very well written If you are an adult who enjoys books about the paranormal this is for you I was sucked in before even ending Chapter One and found it was very difficult to put it down I can't wait until book 2

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    A fun read but with a big cliffhangerA great story about love dedication and never giving up When Brooke loses someone close to her it changes her world but her world is about to be really crazy

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    Loved this book Had a very hard time putting it down

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    Thought this book was amazing It pulled you in with Curiosity But we also spent time to allow you to get to know the characters before throwing you into all the action

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    I was given a copy of Blood Moon for a honest review What a great book Seven years ago Bobby his twin sister Brooke and her finance Nick were celebrating their twenty first birthday Bobby is found murdered in the alley Nick tells her he has to get away and leaves her dealing with her twin's death Seven years later someone is killing people in the same way Bobby was killed While at a murder

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    I was fortunate enough to have read this book in exchange for my honest reviewThis book was Fantastic The main character Brooke is a no nonsense police detective with a soft heart and a strong love for her family and friends The story takes place in the human world with Brooke trying to find out what happened to her brother The way the author blended the Human world and the paranormal world was bel

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