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Normal is the Watchword There are days that you can't believe and then there days that are unbelievableJuniper has been on the edge of social circles all her life skirting the line between being a normal teenage girl and an all too aware young adult Always armed with a camera Juni expresses herself through her photos with her current favorite subjects being Carrie her best friend and Darius a mysteriously charming boy on the soccer teamWhen she accidentally stumbles across something that wasn't meant to be photographed her once somewhat normal life is suddenly ripped from her Now fitting in with the crowd is a matter of survivalAnd when Carrie goes missing Juni turns to Darius for help But as they grow closer a bigger mystery starts to unfold one involving conspiracy the paranormal and an impending war for the souls of everyone she knows

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    355 starsWarning Possible Spoilers AheadI approached the author for a copy of Normal is the Watchword for an honest review It had been awhile since I had been intrigued by a book as much as the description and the reviews left me for Normal is the WatchwordThe story centers on the protagonist Juniper who loves all things photography and finds herself in the middle of a battle between good and evil simply by the click of a camera; an accidental picture I was really excited when I heard about the paranormal aspect to the story I saw a review likening Normal is the Watchword to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars and I instantly jumped on the opportunity While the plot and premise seemed unbelievably promising I found myself struggling with the want to finish this novel The writing style and dialogue were done exceptionally well however I don’t speak camera; there is only so much I want to learn about the logistics of taking the best picture While there were descriptions for days of Juniper’s surroundings her picture taking skills etc I found myself wishing for something exciting to happen; anything I’m going to play the devil’s advocate here and say while the descriptions were great and appreciated for the most part I also felt like they added unnecessary fluff to the story I found myself skimming over uite a bit of the book wanting action then descriptionsIn fact it took seven chapters for anything remotely exciting to happen I was wanting what happened in chapter seven to have started the story there—on the inciting incident I had trouble making it through the first six chapters uickly as I did not feel connected to Juniper or her story I felt like it dragged on After wishing throughout the entire book for action there was gobs and gobs of it the last 25% of the book So much so it was a little distracting when Deacon and Darius were fighting as they both had similar names I had to go back and reread a few paragraphs attempting to figure out who hit who; who had the upper hand in the fight I think it would have helped if they had names that started with different letters especially with how many times their names were utilized in the fight seuences It was surprising to me how uickly Juniper accepted the fact that Darius was an ‘empath’ I tried to put myself in her shoes and if I found out someone could literally sense everyone’s feelings around them—I would have been freaked out at least for twenty four hours Juniper seemed almost unfazed by this and I never felt her digest this information fully and tell the reader how she felt about it I really liked Darius and I wish there would have been character development with him The small instances of passion and lust portrayed between the two was refreshing and I found myself reading on solely for the hope I would get to experience of that dynamic I’m also a freak so I read into the chemistry between Deacon and Juniper and would have loved to see of that I always gravitate to the bad guys I never really understood who Deacon and his followers were or what exactly they were building an army for Even the new group Darius joins at the end left a confusing taste in my mouth I wasn’t sure what their motive was—what they were all fighting for; why they were fighting against each other To be honest at the end of the story I still wondered if Deacon was even a bad guy even after everything he had done I don’t know if that was because of his personality or because of the lack of informationOne thing that I felt was really distracting was the text messages in all capital letters I found it rather distracting; it pulled me out of the story a few times I would have recommended italics insteadOverall this was a great instance of a strong debut novel While there were minor spelling punctuation and grammatical errors there weren’t enough to hinder my feelings about the story Although this may seem like a rant it’s the complete opposite I see the strong potential with this novel and I believe with the right feedback the second novel in the series can be outstanding I enjoyed the world Tru introduced us to in Canyon Beach and believe this could really appeal to teenage readers While I would have liked to have seen less descriptions I would have loved to see fleshing out of all the characters and their relationships the bad guys and their motives the good guys and their motives etc Well done Jasmine Tru well done

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    Mmmm another great book to add to my collection This book is part romance and part action thriller I was surprised by how well the author balanced these two out I adored seeing Juni and Darius together He is like the perfect boyfriend in all the ways that really matter He is brave strong and caring He's practically in her he

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    You can see this full review and at Book Briefs  Normal is the Watchword is the first book in a new series from Jasmine Tru called the Watchword series Right off the bat I was drawn to the beautiful and vivid cover The story started off pretty interesting We are dropped into the life of Juniper or Juni who is trying to complet

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    The world is filled with unknown wonders Some of us are lucky to see some of them Others are fated to be part of themJuniper’s a senior in high school and her life is as ordinary as it gets She spends her school hours battling senioritis with her best friend Carrie Then she meets Darius a guy she’s never really noticed before an

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    I was asked by the author to read and review this bookWhen I first started reading this book I wasn't uite sure what I was getting into I knew it was going to have some kind of a mystery element to it but otherwise I wasn't entirely sure what it would be about Still I wanted to find outAnd it was a pretty exciting read The beginning uar

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    Oh my God Normal is the Watchword made me want to switch genresI love this book It's like Buffy the Vampire meets Veronica Mars While trying to complete a photography project for school Juniper and her bff Carrie witness something they were never supposed to witness Suddenly Juniper and Carrie's lives are in grave danger When Carrie goes mi

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    I really liked this book My favorite part is the friendship between Juni and Carrie I felt like I was joining my two best friends around campus It is so nice to read about a strong female friendship Their relationship is what grounds the storyit leads them into trouble and keeps Juni motivated to fight for what she wants Though there is a roman

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    Normal is the Watchword is the first book in the Watchword series by Jasmine TuJuniper was an ordinary girl with a passion for photography until the day she photographs a murder From that point on her life and that of her best friend Carrie will never be the same Meeting Darius a uiet guy in her high school she finds out that the world is bigger th

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    I was given a copy of Normal is the Watchword by the author Jasmine Tru in exchange for an honest review This is a paranormal fiction that I think is suited for teens The story line is a popular one right now with half angel's running around unknown to the population Some are good and some are evil If you are looking for biblical fiction this isn't it

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    Absorbing Would recommend this to anyone who loves otherworld A great read I can hardly wait for the next one

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