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Truth and Grace A good story butThe story was really good and I enjoyed it a lot BUT I don't know if it's the Kindle formatting or if someone forgot to edit it There are major issues with spelling grammar and especially punctuation If your inner English Major can get past that and there are a lot of errors then you will enjoy the story Wowthis book touched me to the core not o my that but it is written so well this is the first book I have read of Jennifer Goodin and I will most definitely be reading Really enjoyed this book Lavani and her mother Sarah's relationship changes when she takes care of her after surgery She learns the truth about her childhood while reading her mothers journal comes to terms with her failed marriage and reconnects with her first love Beautiful story Loved it Great story Loved the ending Interesting storypretty good sometimes predictable the characters were well defined in fact I think I may have met some of them before Lavani Thompson Trimble is a forty five year old woman searching for truth in her life In her search she must face the loves losses and lies in her life and determine how they will affect her future Her life is changing fast and she struggles to keep up In her uest she becomes a care taker for her dying mother and learns a shocking truth that will change her world

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