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A Brief History of Chocolate An illustrated guide to chocolate that every self respecting chocoholic should readDo you remember when a Snickers was a Marathon And when you could burst in to a sweet shop and ask for ‘an Oliver Twist two Tiffins and a Big Wig please’ and keep a straight face Those were the good days when a Dairy Milk bar was 22p and you’d never seen anything as big as a Wagon WheelRevisit some of your forgotten favourites and current addictions as Steve Berry and Phil Norman take you on a tour of cocoa’s finest moments Fully illustrated with hundreds of wrappers ads and pack shots ‘A Brief History of Chocolate’ brings together research from the archives factories and warehouses of some of the leading chocolate manufacturers in the country to create a book that is packed full of fascinating historical research and lots and lots of chocolateWarning may contain nutsA ‘Brief History of Chocolate’ originally featured in ‘The Great British Tuck Shop’ the ultimate book of sweetie nostalgia

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    Review from Brief History of Chocolate is a short ebook taken from the larger book The Great British Tuck Shop I must admit it was the cover that drew me in I love it especially the little price tag The book is just under 100 pages long but it’s still a worthy short but sweet

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    I usually enjoy nonfiction and chocolate but this book received for review through NetGalley fell flat for me I was interested in learning about the history of how chocolate is made and how recipes and companies were founded This book barely covered the ancient history of chocolate

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    I found this while browsing ebooks from my local library Having recently read a book about coffee that was very in depth I thought learning about chocolate would be interesting too I still think this however this was not the book to itI got about 20% in before I flipped through it to see

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    I love chocolate So obviously I love reading about chocolate But this book while entertaining fell short of my expectationsThis book is not an introduction to the history of chocolate For that I recommend books like The True History of Chocolate、Chocolate Wars or even Triffic Chocolate whic

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    This is a short but amusing and informative history of chocolate and how it progressed from Aztec ritual and trade goods to the modern chocolate bars we eat today It is told from a particularly British perspective prevalently naming chocolate companies that have become familiar to residents of the

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    Entertaining and enlightening

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    The cover was the best part of this book unfortunately It is a stunning cover but I just wish the inside compared I expected infographics but instead found pictures of wrappers I expected a look at the ancient history of chocolate albeit brief as the title suggests but instead found a British centric corpor

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    I was sent a copy of the book for review though Net Galley as always all opinions are my ownI had a hard time wading through this book it failed to keep me interested which is pretty surprising considering how much I love chocolate The best part of the book were the photos of the old school wrappers I love looki

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    Focused on chocolate in the UK but a fun and uick readI lived in England in the very early 80's and this book brought some great memories back and made me smileShort and sweet

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    As a chocolate lover myself this was a great brief history of chocolate Was hungry just reading and looking at all the pictures

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