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Pen Point Love Invested #1 Tambria is a beautiful intelligent sexy woman in her 30's She's responsible has a degree in accounting and avoids drama at all costs So how does she deal when she finds her husband having playtime with a male co worker A cross country move seems like the perfect planRoxtown Colorado has the perfect solution Her best friend from college is there with an immediate job offer to join the family firm Things just seem to be falling into place when Tambria is given an amazing opportunity to work with one of the wealthiest CEO's in the country Not only is he wealthy but he can melt panties right off your ass with just his presence Tambria refuses to join the flocks of women that fall all over themselves to catch Evan's attention Yes he can be distracting Especially when he looks at her like he's ready to throw her up against the nearest wall and do things to her body that she's never experienced before She's determined to stay focused on her career and adjusting to being a single woman again Can she handle the job and keep her heart and underwear in tact

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    To say I loved this book is an understatement I freaking absolutely without a doubt LOVED it This book just kind of fell into my lap and I wasn’t sure never heard of it never heard of author but boy am I glad I gave it a chance It sucked me in from page one Tambria is the main character and it’s tol

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    First off this is a series Just thought I put that out there for those who are not a fan of such novels Considering the way the novel ended I'm thinking the story is to continue with book 2 Story to be honest I didn't think there was much of a story as it's your typical one girl meets uber sexy rich guy;

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    Where do I start with this book?It was absolutely hysterical I read on the subway to and from work was given the ugly glares from all the laughing I was doing at 6am The book follows the story of Tambria Bree as everyone calls her and Evan There is also Bree's best friend and hilarious sidekick Cammie Tho

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    Pen Point is the first book I have read by Angel Bales and I enjoyed it Yes it is about a young billionaire looking for love however for a twist this guy is actually nice and I loved that aspect of himTambria I tripped over this name a bit is newly divorced living in a new town and starting a new job She i

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    Tambria and CammieRemember those names These chicks are crazy You will fall in love with their relationshipI got the chance to read this book and what I loved right from the start is that the girls aren't in HS or College and are NOT in their 20s Loved that they are educated professional women that many of

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    Ok so she found her husband in his work trailer with his forman his male forman Tambria just wants to get on with her life and when her best friend suggests she come to work at her fathers firm she jumps at the opportuinity to start over in a new city Just one week into her new job and the unthinkible happen

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    I was lucky and recieved this book early It's been a while since a book has made me laugh out loud The relationships Tambria has with her best friend Cammie and Evan are hysterical Tambria has just gotten a divorce after catching her husband in a comprising position and she leaves her life behind moving acros

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    This book was a short sexy and fun read I laughed uite a bit in this book and being such a short book I read it pretty uick had a lot of hot sex scenes and it begins with Bree finding out her husband is having an affair with a male co worker oh my so yes she divorces him and moves on she get's in touch with he

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    A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest reviewThis story begins with Tambria starting a new job in a new town with her bestie Cammie after recently getting divorced The relationship between Tambria and Cammie is hilarious Cammie is a woman I would love to meet Some of the things she said had me l

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    Angel Bales is a fantastic writer I loved the connection between Tambria female lead and her best friend Cammie It was positive and inspiring watching how Cammie helps Bree through her divorce with her own kind of humorBree is recently divorced picking up the pieces of her life with the help of her best friend f

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