The Transformation of European Politics 1763 1848 Oxford

The Transformation of European Politics 1763 1848 Oxford History of Modern Europe This landmark study of European international politics is a worthy complement to AJP Taylor's classic The Struggle for Mastery in Europe 1848 1918 Paul Schroeder's comprehensive and authoritative addition to the Oxford History of Modern Europe charts the course of international history over the turbulent era of 1763 1848 in which the map of Europe and much of the world was redrawn time and again Schroeder examines the wars political crises and intricate diplomatic transactions of the age many of which especially the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and the Congress of Vienna and its aftermath had far reaching conseuences for modern Europe Schroeder also provides a new sharply revisionist account of the course of international politics over these years and a major reinterpretation of the structure and operation of the international system He shows how the practice of international politics was transformed in revolutionary ways with extensive and beneficial effects The Vienna Settlement established peace he demonstrates by abandoning not restoring the competitive balance of power politics of the eighteenth century and devising a new political euilibrium in its stead A European consensus on a new political balance was developed with new rules to maintain it ushering in a uniuely peaceful progressive period in European international politics This wide ranging and penetrating study will be of great interest to historians political scientists and students of international relations

About the Author: Paul W. Schroeder

Paul W Schroeder is an American historian and professor emeritus of history at the University of Illinois specializing in late sixteenth to twentieth century European international politics Central Europe and the theory of history

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    This is a very good well written book Essentially Schroeder argues against the idea that the period between 1763 1789 was a period of peace that came about due to the balance of power established after the Seven Years WarWar of Austrian Succession Instead he argues that this period was like the interwar years in that it functioned as a short period of

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    Really enjoyed the book Incredibly dense and slow going but appears to cover everything Gives you background to read about the areas that piue your interest Author willing to disagree with generally accepted views on a number of topics which was interesting

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