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ueen's Gambit Meet the woman who survived Henry VIII in Elizabeth Fremantle's first novel ueen's Gambit My name is Katherine ParrI'm 31 years old and already twice widowedI'm in love with a man I can't have and am about to wed a man no one would want for my husband to be is none other than Henry VIII who has already beheaded two wives cast aside two and watched one die in childbirthWhat will become of me once I'm wearing his ring and become ueen of EnglandThey say that the sharpest blades are sheathed in the softest pouchesOnly time will tell what I am really made ofFor fans of Hilary Mantel Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir Elizabeth Fremantle's first novel ueen's Gambit is a riveting account of the Tudor ueen who married four men and outlived three of them including Henry VIII Rich in atmosphere and period detail and told through the eyes of Katherine and her young maid Dot it tells the story of two very different women during a terrifying and turbulent time If you loved Wolf Hall The Other Boleyn Girl or the BBC drama series The Tudors then Elizabeth Fremantle's ueen's Gambit is the book for you

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    I was looking so forward to reading this book but alas it turned out to be a big disappointment especially after reading so many great reviews about it tooWith book in hand I had retired for the evening snuggling up in bed anticipating a little time travel back to the Tudor era and the court of King Henry the 8th Nothing better than playing Renaissance instrumental music in the bac

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    Each of Henry VIII’s wives had a personal fate to be remembered by Katherine Parr is remembered as the matronly one who took care of Henry and attempted to further the Reformist cause a portrayal which isn’t entirely correct and then married the rogue Thomas Seymour Elizabeth Femantle tells Katherine’s version of events in “ueen’s Gambit”“ueen’s Gambit” instantly open

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    Meh OK I'm calling it uits on this one I picked this up as a freebie in a BOGO sale from Audible This book will probably work for a lot of readers but I ain't one of them Two major reasons1 There's instalove 2 There's a love triangle The 3rd reason I'm giving up on this at just shy of the 20% mark is that thus far not a damn thing has happened aside from the main character annoying me She

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    Giveaway opportunity this and other reviews at all Henry VIII's wives Katherine Parr is my favorite I don't know what it is about the history but I've always felt that she than any of her predecessors understood she was little than a pawn put suddenly into play That regardless of rank life in the Tudor court was a game of chess and that you must be ever on your guardElizabeth Fremantle seems

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    I found this novel to be a bit of a mixed bag with parts that I genuinely enjoyed but other parts I found bewildering or irritating Overall I have to say I thought it was well written Competent use of language smooth flowing text In fact the one tiny annoyance was “Sister Anne” I immediately grasped that Fremantle did this to make sure Katherine’s sister was distinct from all the other Annes

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    My partner has a first in English Lit my degrees are all in veterinary medicine and I am constantly grateful for the fact that nobody tried to teach me to read By an large this means that we have very different tastes in books although inevitably we're overlapping as the years progress Once in a while a book comes along that I know she's going to love some of them are entirely not her kind of thing s

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    This novel is an exceptional debut that introduces the reader to a Katherine Parr who is than others have written her to be She is a pious nurse to older husbands but that is far from all there is to ueen Katherine Fremantle has created a multi dimensional character and bravely filled in historical gaps to create a gripping storyI especially enjoyed the development of Katherine's faith as a reformer It i

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    ENOUGH ALREADY I think I should know better at this point in my reading life As a novel junkie and an admitted glutton for all things English history related it is a given that I know certain stories pretty well at this point Hell the stories of the tragedy and scandal ridden lives of the wives of Henry VIII have now been recounted so many damn times by so many people that if you've got even a passing interes

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    Giveaway Let Them Read Books Ends Sept 22 2013After finishing Elizabeth Fremantle's debut novel ueen's Gambit I'm feeling uite sad as I always do after reading about Katherine Parr She is my favorite of Henry's ueens and not just because she's the one who got away but because she was such a grand lady so smart so poised and so tragic I go into each novel knowing how it's going to end but I still get swept away mu

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    This stunning historical masterpiece captures the fervent intensity and passion of the Tudors with such remarkable effortless ease The dazzlingly dangerous Tudor court is brought to life with such acute detail as only a painter would capture in this vividly evocative exuisite debut novel Stripping back and shedding new light on Katherine Parr; Henry VIII sixth and last wife this enthralling tale of passion loyalty an

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About the Author: Elizabeth Fremantle

Elizabeth Fremantle is the critically acclaimed author of Tudor and Elizabethan set novels ueen's Gambit Sisters of Treason Watch the Lady and Times Books of the Year The Girl in the Glass Tower and The Poison Bed a historical thriller written under the name EC Fremantle described as 'a Jacobean Gone Girl'Her latest novel is The Honey and the Sting published August 6th 2020 as EC Fremantle