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Tight Rein Saddle Club #57 Will Stevie Lake be allowed to go to riding campStevie Lake has been grounded No hanging out with the other members of TheSaddle Club Even worse Stevie's not allowed to ride It's going to take allher wackiness and a little help in the scheming department from Carole Hansonand Lisa Atwood to talk her parents into letting her go to riding camp CanStevie clean up her act in time If she doesn't summer is going to be acomplete bust

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    Possibly one of the funniest Saddle Club books Stevie is grounded in the aftermath of a prank war with her older brother Chad; banned from the stable and also the upcoming summer riding camp So Lisa and Carole come up with a plan to try and fix things It's absurd and silly and genuinely laugh out loud funny

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    I think that this book has a funny catch It is about three girls Stevie Carol and Lisa They all have a sleep over at Lisa's house but Stevie has other plans She wants to get back at her brother for replacing her shampoo with chocolate sauce and putting super glue in her riding boots But what goes around comes

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