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The White uill What an amazing story and told so well Love the hidden comedy and witty comebacks from the characters Couldnt put it down Libris is under attack The magnificent Rainbow beach that suddenly appeared surrounding the island home of to all fairytale characters is slowly eating it up What the Fairy council first thought to be a great tourist attraction is in fact a deadly plot to wipe them out The only people that can help are a group of elderly humans that hold the key to the portal to Libris but they are now too old to use it They need a young imaginative adventurer and Zachary Perry is reluctantly about to fill those boots Are they serious or just a sandwich short of a picnic More importantly does Zachary Perry have what it takes to be a heroThis day and age of technology that centers on revolutionizing communication from cell phone to email seems to have had the opposite effect on the family environment A few decades ago the family unit consisted of three generations together but now it seems as if this very technology that strives to bring the word closer together has driven a wedge between the older generation and the younger The White uill is a book that aims to bridge that gap Aimed at 8 to 12 year olds this is a great book that grandparents can read to the younger generation to inspire them to read on their own as it is tells a story of how the two generations must work together to combat a computer virus that threatens the very fabric of literature

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