The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume One BBC

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume One BBC Radio Collection I actually liked this series better than the first one I listened too The BBC radio broadcast makes a great theater of the story and way it is presented With this one a lot of interesting stories like one with Sherlock solving the crime with only a man falling dead in his study to go on Highly recommend 'The Madness of Colonel Warburton' ‘The Star of the Adelphi' 'The Saviour of Cripplegate Suare' 'The Singular Inheritance of Miss Gloria Watson'In the fifty six short stories and four novels Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about his great detective there are many passing references to successful cases that are never actually written aboutThese four stories written by the main dramatist on the complete BBC Radio 4 ‘Sherlock Holmes’ canon imaginatively flesh out the cases behind those references to wonderful effect As in the complete dramatised canon Clive Merrison plays the great sleuth with the role of Doctor Watson played by Andrew Sachs Cast includes Tom Baker Eleanor Bron Jane Asher Tim West Toyah Willcox'A joy from beginning to end ingenious extensions of the Conan Doyle originals' Daily Telegraph pretty great set of stories I enjoy most of the sherlock re makes but the origional is so great I reconized a good number of the first few stories from modern adaptions but the last 34ths of the series was all new and really exciting Holmes is so easy to hate but Watson makes it impossible He's a great superhero with a flawed personalityAlthough holy shit this was long definitely the longest i've spent on one book where I actively read every day thought it was for sure about to finish up and my progress was at 64% The following review was originally published in the online newspaper The Orkney News in 2019 Link here Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes A BBC Radio 4 series by Bert CoulesAh yes 221B Baker Street It has been home to many a mystery in its time The case of Silver Blaze The Five Orange Pips The Adventure Of The Dancing Men and The Adventure Of The Six Napoleons just to name a few from Doctor Watson’s illustrious archives But there are many of which the general public remains unaware Perhaps the principals were men and women of high import to the standing of society perhaps Watson simply never put pen to foolscap or perhaps Holmes forbade him to tell the tale Whatever the reason some of the tales have now been told through the writing of Mr Bert Coules Mr Bert Coules is a well known name in radio dramatisation having worked on many projects ranging from dramatisations of the Rebus novel Resurrection Men the Brother Cadfael series and The Guns of Navarone to what he is most known for and what is most pertinent to this article The complete Sherlock Holmes canon by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with Clive Merrison as Holmes and Michael Williams as Watson As a matter of fact Merrison is the first actor to have played Holmes in every story written by Doyle on radio Sadly Mr Williams passed away in 2001 shortly after the release of the adaptation of The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes However it was eventually decided to produce some original Holmes stories for Radio 4 Coules wasn’t uite finished with the detective The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes is a 16 part series of audio dramas split across four volumes when released physically A note to readers Volumes 3 and 4 seem inordinately difficult to obtain compared to Volumes 1 and 2 with Clive Merrison returning to the role of Holmes and Andrew Sachs as Watson produced in 2002 2004 20089 and 2010 respectively Each story in the further adventures is based on a reference made by Watson in the original Conan Doyle stories These references are expertly woven into a tale all their own Be it the return of the famous cat burglar The Ghost after years of retirement Lady Addleton who hired Holmes’s services to save the family name one of those rare cases of Holmes’s early career of which we know or the only two part tale in the series involving the lighthouse the politician and the trained cormorant The writing is very well done with a clear effort made to keep the stories in the same spirit as the originals If you didn’t know better I could easily imagine these stories being woven in seamlessly between the Conan Doyle originals without any obvious clues they had been written by someone else The Abergavenny Murder and The Star Of The Adelphi are personal favourites and I will congratulate Mr Coules on achieving his goal so successfully It genuinely does make me smile sometimes and tickle that part of my mind that loves a good mystery story The performances are especially notable with Merrison and Sachs Manuel from Fawlty Towers throwing their all into it You truly get the sense they are really enjoying themselves There have been many performers playing the consulting detective and his chronicler over the years but these performances should be up there with the best The guest cast is also varied and their performances are very entertaining Examples include Stephen Thorne as Inspector Lestrade Tom Baker He of the scarf and Scratchman link here for the interested theorkneynewsscot20190204audiobo as a rather jovial influence on Holmes’s early career and Hugh Bonneville as noted stage performer Frederick Merridew You never know who is going to appear next and I often find myself lost in the stories and wanting to rush to the next when they end If that isn’t an endorsement of both the writing and the casts I don’t know what is In conclusion I highly recommend this series The complete run is available on Audible digitally and for the curious Volume 2 on CD and the download version both come with an interview with Bert Coules about the series Some of my readers may be sticklers for the Doyle originals and nothing else but I feel if anything was to come close in spirit and intention to the originals it would be this series The mysteries are definitely worthwhile and than a few have surprises all their own I hope I can persuade some of you to join me in giving them a listen My next article will be the long delayed due to Halloween and Holmes promised review of The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett SayonaraNephrite Review of each story in this collectionThe Madness of Colonel WarburtonExcellent introduction into the world of Holmes and Watson and a compelling mystery in and of itself It does assume at least some knowledge of the Holmes Mythos but all in all a very impressive storyFavourite Bits Holmes and Watson's big argument about Holmes' 7 per cent solution is a perfect introduction for fans to the voice actors and sets up Holmes and Watson's characters for newcomers Holmes stance of 'keep an open mind' is refreshingly new although whether or not Canon supports it is up for speculation I love Holmes immediately dropping his 'open mind' thing when view spoilerthe villain's fake Watson's wife visiting him and Watson swears to him that it's fake hide spoiler

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