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Meeting Ellie Ellie Coleman comes from the poor side of town When she becomes best friends with Knox Hendrix uarterback at Ole Miss and the pride of Stanford her life changes Used to being ignored by the town and her parents she finds herself opening up to Knox and his family When Knox has to leave for school he asks her to go with him Ellie refuses after a talk with his mother that destroys her illusion of her friends acceptance of her She leaves to make it on her own sick of her parents and her home town Four years pass and she fights her way to get a job as an intern at ESPN television while studying journalism at a local college When Knox comes to the station for an interview he sees the girl who ran away with his heart When she sees him she ignores the pain of his betrayal does her job What happens when she discovers that the thing that kept them apart for four years was a lie

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    Ellie Coleman is the girl with the reputation in town that she does not deserve her parents are trash but she is not It doesn't matter that no one gives her a chance to show she is a decent person That is until Knox Hendrix sits down beside her in the park and befriends her Ellie knows Knox is the football player everyone fawns over and can't believe he wants to be friends with herKnox

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    I thought the story was going to be tense however it was a nice and good read

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    YES I read this on Wattpad I LOVED IT READ ITI was skeptical because this story is is a spin off from the guy's parents story which is amaz so I didn't know if this story could compete It matched up well LOVED IT

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    Definitely a must read

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    really funny well done

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    Good book

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    Knox comes from the good side of the tracks but Ellie was from the poor side He was a star football player in high school and college and everyone like him Ellie was daughter of the parents that the local police know them by their name Everyone treated her like crap because of her parents Knox and meet because Ellie always come to park near were Knox to get away from parents problem Knox always see her there but nev

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    I feel like this kind of stories are much better when they have 'flashbacks' I started reading expecting Ellie already a grown woman working on ESPN trying to forget her ex which would have been perfect to show the character development and I got this instead Although It's worth reading I liked it

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    Love this book Knox is so sweet

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    Tihs is the beast book I have ever Read It's AWESOME

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