Pantheocide The Salvation War #2 eBook ¸ Pantheocide

Pantheocide The Salvation War #2 When all Hell breaks loose on Earth all Earth will break loose on HellThe Salvation War is a web original written by Stuart Slade which premiered online in the beginning of the year 2008 and starts by asking one uestion what happens when God declares that humanity shall forever be kept away from Heaven and all souls and bodies are now property of Satan Humanity chooses to fight back declaring war on both Heaven and Hell The second part Pantheocide shows the first conseuence in humanity's victory against Hell as they ready themselves for attacking Heaven and defend themselves from angelic attacks with angels being far better coordinated and commanded than the demonic forces While this tome is good if not better than the first the gaping whole left behind by th epotential third volume is like a missing hand The ending is so sour and janky that I just can't help but feel discontent It's not the books fault I'm just saltyTHE RANKING THUS FARno thanks By the end of the previous book Armageddon? humanity had prevailed over the forces of Hell with reasonable aplomb Round #2 of the war is not nearly so one sided howeverFor starters the forces of Heaven have the high ground humans have developed techniues to punch portals to Hell pretty much on demand but Heaven is inaccessible except via one preexisting and impenetrably defended portal Heaven has no such limitations getting at Earth though And the Angels that are sent to lay waste to humanity are better at it than the Demons of Hell were making heavier use of magical abilities beyond our ken rather than hordes of slavering fanged not particularly bulletproof monstersKeeps things interesting though There's also rather politicking going on behind the scenes on the Heaven side of things than there was in Hell and there are moral issues behind this part of the war that are somewhat complicated tooThe story reaches a satisfactory conclusion I've read that the author had intended to write a third book in the series called Lords of War but had shelved the plan for the forseeable future and I can see the seuel hooks he left at the end of this one to support that but I don't think that presents a problem to enjoying this series as a duology at the end of this book all of the issues that were raised at the start of book one have been dealt with one way or anotherAs with book #1 finding an ebook version of this story might take a bit of digging around

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