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Mindsharing This book is stupid and not worth the time to read It takes the idea of the wisdom of the crowd and tries to apply it to the Facebook world It then goes on to teach you how to exploit your Facebook friends to find answers to uestions big and smallI couldn't even finish the book Great Start nice ideas opens a new channel and aspect of everyday interactions But then gets too much into personal and only talks about him self I admit I took it thinking its from a scientific prospective where results are maybe not so spectacular but are systematic He is Just talking about one success story of his and thats that That's how individual success works not collective progress Overall ironically I think collective knowledge failed me in this case as I piked it up in scientific genre where it clearly belongs in self help or something of that sort In his book Zoref offers several practical tools for unleashing powerful creativity that you can get from a large crowd as well as success stories of several people who succeeded by using crowdsourcing The goal of the book is to help you use social media to learn things faster build stronger relationships with people online and understand the intricacies of the digital age today I recommend reading the introduction because it will give you a great overview about what to expect from the book The book is divided into four parts and I think that each part is one that you can jump in and out ofFor your convenience we had Lior Zoref on our podcast The Entrepreneurs Library to give a deep dive on Mindsharing With Lior’s experience he gives amazing insight on how to master the art of networking and learning from people on a much larger scale If you would like to get a in depth look from the author himself check out episode 217 on the EL website or you can find the show on iTunes I was very disappointed in this book It should have never been a book a long article max The material feels bloated and Lior keeps going around same ideas over and over again 'Don't overuse your crowd' 'I worked at Microsoft' 'Treat your people like your girlfriend' common really useless and repetitiveThe book did not provide any valuable insight and overall felt like an attempt to prove author's personal stuff Decision making can be very difficult It is especially difficult when our health finances career or relationship is involved In this book Mr Zoref explains how we can find advice and wisdom from our social networks He believes mindsharing is a simple way to use the tools and technology already in place to access and share our greatest human resourcesone anotherWe are stronger than me This is the theme of Mindsharing and Mr Zoref instructs the reader on the most effective ways and places to use social networks to educate involve and enrich ourselves and our online contactsWhen I first heard about this book I thought it might be about the popular practice of crowd sourcing to finance creative projects This book is SO MUCH MORE than getting financial contributions from your social networksMr Zoref goes into great detail in sharing how mindsharing has played a tremendous part in his life since he left Microsoft Many of his life dreams have come true as a direct result of mindsharing An amazing example of mindsharing in the author's life happened when he was suffering from a persistent cough He went to five different doctors but could not get an accurate diagnosis or relief from the cough He finally went to his crowd on Facebook and described his systems After two hours he had many different replies to his reuest for advice He found it interesting that eleven of his Facebook friends suggested that it might be whooping cough He went back to his doctor and insisted that they test him for whooping cough The diagnosis was clear whooping coughThis book is an excellent educational tool to build or improve your social network Highly RecommendedFYI I received a print copy of this book from the author's publicist to read and review I was not too interested in this book when I received the email asking if I would mind getting a free copy for a review and such but I took the plunge and read the provided first part of the book Seeing how relevant the information was to my very life I could not keep myself from wanting to know about Crowdsourcing in my own life I certainly had done it by ascendent myself a few times but what if this could be something I could do regularly? Is it even possible Lior describes how it was extremely beneficial to have his crowd though any situation that he was willing to share about I can see that I can get that and I believe in it as well Any of my personal successes are tiny babies compared to the stories in this book You can really get some insight into the possibility and the true heart of what this kind of attitude towards life can get you I feel like I am alone besides my wife trudging through a desire to have a blog write a book and run our children's ministries I don't know It feels like no one really has the desire to help This book has opened my eyes to where I might be failing instead Maybe my uestions are not being asked right Maybe they are not placed into the right crowd Heck even growing the crowd is a nightmare to crawl through This mind set it pretty cool and I really do think the world can benefit from it We can work together to get things done but we have to be willing to put ourselves on the line I found after only reading a few chapters I was a bit willing to speak to others To share my opinion I recommend this book to pretty much anyone because anyone can benefit from the wisdom of the crowd Also think it is good for each person to be aware of the possible pitfallsI do warn that reading this will not immediately set you up to know exactly how to apply such wisdom to your life but it is some great information It is also written in a easy to understand statements that relate to life I enjoyed it This book is a valuable accessible introduction to a tool that will likely become essential to our everyday lives But the book was so focused on the perspective and self promotion of the author that it was difficult to isolate the practical nuggets that would be most useful to readers Much of the book discussed the use of ones' own social networks especially Facebook to mindshare in order to make informed life decisions But the reality is very few people are doing this now Not only do we need practical advice than the book provides on what kinds of uestions to ask but we also need advice on how we can begin this social dialogue The author makes it sound so simple but I believe there are many barriers to this method that need to be addressed Mindsharing focuses on social media as a crowd source of intelligence wisdom and creativity The book offers plenty of examples from the way Lior crowdsourced his TED talk and his book to the experience of others who asked their own social media crowd about relationships parenting health issues and following their dreams Read my review here Mindsharing One More Reason to Love Social Media Boring as hell full of unneccesary info Could be summarized is 2 longer sentences With than half of all adult Americans using Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn we are connected than ever These connections are our greatest source of knowledge and decision making Whether we need to make better financial choices find the love of our life or transform our career Mind Sharing offers out of the box ways to use technology to upgrade our thinkingThrough the power of Mind Sharing we all can learn to make uicker wiser and objective decisions about any aspect of our lives Mind Sharing is where innovation and creativity is fueled by the collective wisdom of our digital networks Author Lior Zoref offers step by step guidelines for how to tap into the full potential of online networks These connections have the power to change lives and make dreams come true Zoref includes examples such as • How a mother’s Facebook update saved the life of a four year old boy• How one man used the crowd as a matchmaker and found the love of his life• How a “take me to work with you” post helped one woman create her own personal job fair and discover her dream job was closer than she realized• How business leaders are using Mind Sharing to innovate and problem solve in record time and with better results• How one manager used a LinkedIn Group to create a year’s worth of market research in less than a day• How Mind Sharing can be the key to making any dream a reality and how the crowd can coach you along the wayDrawing from his personal experience as a former executive at Microsoft as well as insights from his PhD research and extensive network Zoref reveals how strategic crowdsourcing has the ability to supercharge our thinking and upgrade every aspect of our lives

About the Author: Lior Zoref

I'm a crowd wisdom researcher a speaker former Microsoft executive and private consultant for crowdsourcing and digital strategy I teach crowdsourcing and digital marketing to MBA students and at the Israeli Marketing Association I gave the first ever crowd sourced TED talk at TED 2012 in Long Beach California I hold a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from the Technion and

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