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The Orphan Master's Son Vencedor do prémio Pulitzer 2013 Uma saga de amor esperança e redenção no país mais fechado do mundo Vida Roubada segue a vida de Pak Jun Do um jovem no país com a ditadura mais sombria do mundo a Coreia do Norte Jun Do é o filho atormentado de uma cantora misteriosa e de um pai dominante ue gere um orfanato É nesse orfanato ue tem as suas primeiras experiências de poder escolhendo os órfãos ue comem primeiro e os ue são enviados para trabalhos forçados Reconhecido pela sua lealdade Jun Do inicia a ascensão na hieraruia do Estado e envereda por uma estrada da ual não terá retorno Considerando se “um cidadão humilde da maior nação do mundo” Jun Do torna se raptor profissional e terá de resistir à violência arbitrária dos seus líderes para poder sobreviver Mas é então ue levado ao limite ousa assumir o papel do maior rival do uerido Líder Kim Jon Il numa tentativa de salvar a mulher ue ama a lendária atriz Sun Moon Em parte thriller em parte história de amor Vida Roubada é um retrato cruel de uma Coreia do Norte dominada pela fome corrupção e violência Mas onde estranhamente também encontramos beleza e amor saidadeemergenciacom

About the Author: Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson was born in South Dakota and raised in Arizona He earned a BA in Journalism from Arizona State University in 1992; a MFA from the writing program at McNeese State University in 1996; and a PhD in English from Florida State University in 2000 Johnson is currently a San Francisco writer and associate professor in creative writing at Stanford University He founded the Stanford Graphi

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    In a stunning feat of imagination Johnson puts us inside Jun Do yep John Doe a North Korean orphan who stumbles from poverty to a job as body double for a Hero of the Eternal Revolution The closed world of North Korea revealed here—where businessmen are conscripted to work in the rice fields and the ruthless Kim Jong il is still the Dear Leader—goes beyond anything Orwell ever imagined The Orphan Master’s Son veers from cold terror to surrealistic humor with ease and succ

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    CITIZENS gather 'round the individualistic screens of your capitalistically exploited folding computers and other pocket sized computational devices The Dear Reviewer has much omniscient wisdom and many synoptic truths to impart Set aside your Facebook and Twitter feeds and summon every last ounce of patriotic love for and devotion to the Democratic People’s Republic of Goodreads in order to focus your cluttered Western minds and screen worn eyes for several uninterrupted minutes on

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    This is not an easy book to read It preys on the minds of readers on the fears and hopes that stem from our deeply ingrained cultural concepts our habitual comfortable worldview It takes you to the place where you can no longer be sure what is based in reality and what is the result of an absurdist deeply satirical interpretation of itThis is a book that's set in North Korea and its protagonist is cleverly perhaps overly so named Jun Do that is 'John Doe' the North Korean everyman I guess It

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    The Orphan Master's Son Has No Clothes I'd love to take credit for coming up with that beautifully stated extremely accurate summing up of this awful awful book but I can't I suppose if nothing else I can boast having married the man who did I wasn't 30 pages into this farce and I'm not speaking of the story stylings when it became uite clear that all the praise being heaped upon this pile of literary poo I am forever mindful that kids may be reading these reviews was the work of a Marketing Machin

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    Literature is a fiction that tells a greater truth – so somebody wise once said But the truth is a tricky business This epic story set in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that’s the bad one offers freuent reminders of that fact First there’s the uestion of where the genuinely dire straits of North Koreans end and the semi satirical abstractions begin Did Johnson exaggerate the atrocities? Did his fiction indeed tell a greater truth? Then there’s a related uestion about Jun Do the book

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    Read it uick before North Korea decides you can'tIf I wasn’t glad that Kim Jong Il is dead before reading this book I certainly am nowPak Jun Do never knew his mother and is raised in the orphanage his father runs Because of this he is constantly mistaken for an orphan for the rest of his life Eventually Jun Do winds up as one of the tunnel fighters who work in secret passages under the DMZ into South Korea but he’s recruited to be part of a team that goes out in boats and snatches random citizens from Japan

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    Adam Johnson's The Orphan Master's Son defies categories and captives the reader's attention end to end We are brought face to face with the brutal inhumanity of the Kim Jong Il dictatorship which the author visited and tried to depict as accurately as possible given the lack of defectors and their testimony But the even deeper story was how much suffering and deprivation humans can endure while remaining humanFor another interesting take on North Korea I would highly recommend Guy Delisle's comic book Pyongyang POSSIB

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    I'll preface this review by saying that in many ways this is an excellent novel It's intelligent rich in symbolism and metaphor and takes place in one of the most interesting contemporary settings an author could choose It has many moments of terrific insight regarding one of the strangest and most tragic places on Earth I can see why it's getting so much attentionAll of that aside this book did not work for me It doesn't read like a book that was so good that they had to award it the Pulitzer––it reads like one written w

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    I don't understand the accolades this book has been getting I did read it during a week of awful flu and the slowness of getting into it may have been partly attributable to that It's certainly clever and Johnson is nothing if not inventive But I couldn't get past the use of North Korea as a setting which seemed like a meretricious trick to me There's certainly a lot of superficial North Korean trappings loudspeakers prison mines references to starvation and the theater of Kim Jong Il and his personality cult provide part of the eng

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    This is just flat out brilliant An amazing imaginative leap into an unknowable country one that feels so granular so meticulously envisioned that it blew me away There is both heft and humor here

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