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Seduce Me The Heart Series #1 When Jasmine Williams loses her fiancé in a horrific car accident her life is ripped apart unable to piece her life back together she runs away a new life a fresh start Luke Heart a self made millionaire who is used to having whatever he wants is besotted with Jazz He starts a dangerous flirtatious game with her and will stop at nothing to make her his own Will he be left out in the cold Or will she reciprocate his feelings Jazz is wrapped up in an emotional struggle She is tormented by the nightmares of the accident Can she learn to move on with her life Will she ever learn the truth behind it A journey of self discovery and emotional torment Can they move on

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    Fantastic found it hard to put the book down It followed me to the bathroom bed and workHooked from page one to the end A few cold showers needed steamyAs an avid reader this book is up at the top of my list for readability and emotion Get the tissues out ready Heart felt and powerfulEagerly awaiting Book 2Teach Me The Heart Series

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    Reviewed for Readers FavoriteImagine waking up in the hospital to find that you have been asleep for five days and the last thing you remember is driving home from dinner with your fiance' That confusion is exactly where we begin the story with Jasmine or Jazz to her friends She soon finds that her fiance' Greg died in the accident and that his parents blame h

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    This was a neat story and easy to read I liked the main character of Jasmine heaps I found my emotions pricked by her struggles particularly her nightmares I did have a problem with some of the editing however which was distracting at times There were also some odd inconsistencies here and there I was ok with the gentle way that the issue of dominance and submi

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    EnjoyableThe opening scene and first chapter were heart breaking and I wasn't sure it was the book for me The writing style is lovely and kept me engaged well after the sad chapters Very interesting and unexpected twist of events that added depth to an already gripping story

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