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The Worst Witch All At Sea Not the best book in the series I was actually uite bored throughout the bookIt was just all the same Ethel hating Mildred being mean to her at every opportunity Miss Hardbroom who doesn't have any faith left in Mildred and just hopes she will fail And then Mildred she saves the day again I will finish this series but I am not going to buy them like I was planning toThere were also enough fun things Mildred and her class getting asked to come visit and stay at the castle of the wizard she saved in the previous book Swimming water skiing with brooms awesome smuggling a little Tabby with her and of course treasure This definitely felt like a proper book compared to the others which is probably due to its length which is petty much double what the previous ones were Mildred does have such a good heart doesn’t she beneath all her antics; she really cares about people and just wants to do the best she can for them Looking forward to reading about the rest of her adventures Catch up on Mildred Hubble's magical adventures at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches with these reissued editions featuring energetic new covers Mildred's beloved tabby cat has been deemed unsuitable for a witch and is relegated to the kitchens to be a mouser But when her class flies off on a school trip Mildred concocts a plan to rescue Tabby and bring him along in secret I love these books about an accident prone but well meaning little witch girl at an English boarding school for witches that way pre date Harry Potter The school administration has decided that Mildred might become a competent witch with a better magical cat to ride on her broomstick so they take away her beloved Tabby to the kitchens and give her a capable but cold kitty But warm hearted Mildred keeps sneaking off to visit Tabby despite strict orders against it When the school goes on a sea vacation thanks to a magician that Mildred had managed to save from his longtime imprisonment in the form of a frog Mildred decides to bring Tabby along secretly and hide her in a cave More magical misadventures are sure to followbut could they have a happy ending? Just as good as the others but twice as long which is a good thing These books are so cute Review to come A really fun book and love how tabby is apparently useless 😂 Mildred is back again this time with waterIt seems these books run one term per book their school has two terms per year and this is the fourth book so she is in the second term of her second yearThe book starts off rather badly for Milly as they always do as she is forced to replace her lovely though hopeless cat Tabby with a professional and elegant cat Ebony She is beside herself but there may be hope The wizard she helped in the last book Algernon Rowan Webb has invited all of the second year to stay at his coastal castle for a little holiday and Milly has an idea to break Tabby out of his life of mouse catchingThis is definitely the best so far of the series It's nearly twice as long as the first two which helps give a substantial plot though it's still very short It is nicely illustrated freuently than before perhaps I like the faces the expressions shine a light on the story Being outside the school for the majority of the book also helps bring a bit of life to affairsIt's a nice little series if a tad simplistic This was a trip back to the past for me Loved reading the whole series when I was younger and love just the same now The first one to feel like a whole book rather than just an anecdote Because of Mildred saving the Magician Rowan Webb in the previous book her class is all invited to stay in his castle by the sea But there's not just cold damp weather and nasty Ethel to deal with this time Mildred's beloved Tabby is taken away since he's not a proper witches' cat and there's a mysterious lost treasure tooI am holding out hope that in the last book Ethel gets her comeuppance Also Maud got in a real zinger this time and I was very pleased

About the Author: Jill Murphy

Jill Murphy is a London born English children's author best known for The Worst Witch series and the Large Family picture books She has been described as one of the most engaging writers and illustrators for children in the landJill Murphy was born in London and attended the Ursuline Convent in Wimbledon which together with the boarding school stories she enjoyed reading provided much of th

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