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The Beautiful Disruption I really enjoyed The Beautiful Disruption This book is for any woman looking for inspiration about how to love herself even if it means making hard choices and facing unhappy realities The book is written in a Virginia Woolf esue stream of conscious style with each chapter furthering the main narrative and standing alone as an internal consideration of some aspect of the main characters circumstances It is a uick satisfying read The Beautiful Disruption explores the dynamics of family mental illness self prophecy and transformation through the lens of a heartbroken woman For as long as she could remember she’d been uietly dancing on the edge of her life waiting for the sky to fall Thrilled by doom and passion her story of crisis was tattooed on her insides an inescapable prophecy that she never uestioned Until one day there is a disruption and the small voice that she had always suppressed escalates from a whisper to a roar demanding acknowledgement calling her out In this collision of inspiration and fallibility Hill puts a poetic frame around some of her own inner conflicts as she reminds us that our lives are framed by the stories we tell ourselves Love the format Love GG's writing and work Thanks for a soul nourishing read that demonstrates acknowledging accepting appreciating amending and applying the experiences upon this journey of life You will see yourself or someone within the pages Deep and purposeful read It’s difficult to categorize this book into a particular genre Some might uantify it as a self help book other’s might say it’s a short story Some might say it’s a compilation or diary style book To me it is all of the above The Beautiful Disruption A Soul Story is a mixture of sage advice personal observations and a woven tapestry of one woman’s process of recovery after discovering that her lover was unfaithfulHere are a just a few random uotes that resonated with me“We can’t change the stories of defeat we tell ourselves without first embracing our underground our secrets the very source of these stories” “This won’t be the last time she has to disappoint someone to avoid betraying herself”“Women form a wall of solidarity–a force field of love and pain and protection” If you’re in a reflective mood I highly recommend The Beautiful Disruption A Soul Story It’s a creative venture that promotes soul exploration I’m placing it firmly in my “things that make you go mmmhhhh” category That’s a high honor for me I enjoy anything that causes me to think and self reflect If you want to learn about the author check out her blog AllTheManyLayerscom I had been putting off reading this just because I thought it would stir up sadness or some other feeling I was so wrong It's an inspiring book about a womans personal journey Her mother is mentally ill Her boyfriend just cheated on her It's a uick read Even though you are taking everything in GG Renee is very adept at making you face your inner conflicts and trying to make you see all your layers I received this book as a First Read and opened it right away The writing style is easy to digest and the story is moving I didn't uite connect with the main character but I can imagine how cathartic it was to write all this out Overall I enjoyed the book So so emotional A good reflection

About the Author: G.G. Renee Hill

GG Renee Hill is a writer under the influence of three children and a passion for soulful living A self described wallflower she writes for the crazy beautiful complex free creative weird love drunk woman Her blog All the Many Layers is an indulgence for women who crave meaning honest dialogue and inspiration for the joys and challenges they face everyday Her first book The Beautiful Disru

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