Cinderella Story Part 1 36 Hours Epub æ Cinderella

honestly this would’ve just been fine and a tropey little story but the constantly sexist and weirdly gendered asides were just way too much Eh It was perfectly ordinary Rich guy who can have anyone magically finds himself wanting a women of lower status I guess the title should have clued me in but I guess I was hoping that this would somehow break the mold It didn't And why is it broken into three parts? Are they all only 70ish pages? Did someone just assume that the average reader couldn't handle a whopping 210ish page book? I don't get why people break books into separate parts I won't be buying the next two especially considering this first one was free Business partner or romanceAlex's grandfather wants Alex to be married any plays a trick on him that he's going to die soon and wants Alex to marry before he doesThe wedding didn't go through because right before the bride disappeared and so the people that were serving at the reception were told that they can go take off their aprons and enjoy the reception so the food doesn't go to waste and in that time Alex is drawn to Nina but after their first dance Alex goes to kiss Nina and she gets scared and takes offWhen Alex 's grandfather told him what he wants Alex brings up that he was involved with Nina and he describes her to him so now he has to set out to make a deal with Nina but knows nothing about her when he finds her does it work out to be a partnership or does it turn out to be a romance read the book to find out Happy reading Okay here it goes I thought this book was a little cheesy initially but that soon changed As I continued reading I found myself deeply moved by what was happening with this family How devastating to face such a serious illness Of course once my tears dried and my hope grew the book left me hanging Seriously All I can say is c'mon I am rooting for this couple though I want everybody to have a happily ever afterand I want Charles to thaw out Lastly I don't know if I am a fan of this 1 2 3 part formula I was frustrated than pleased by the abrupt ending Best Feature Clean story about familyWorst Feature Abrupt ending 36 Hours Serial As a devastating summer storm hits Grand Springs Colorado the next thirty six hours will change the town and its residents forever Cinderella Story Part 1 The night the lights go out at the lodge waitress Nina Lindstrom flees the arms of millionaire Alex Bennett after a romantic dance But he's determined not to lose sight of the beautiful stranger Finding her days later he has a business proposition for the widow and mother—a fake engagement that could reward her enough to save her son Tommy's lifeNina tells herself she doesn't believe in fairy tales Her relationship with Alex is strictly professional But as she spends time with her handsome rescuer it's harder to see him as just a business partner In trying to save her son is she risking her own heart The story continues in Cinderella Story Parts 2 and 3 During a rough time in my life this was a much welcomed escape from reality We all dream of finding the perfect person to share our lives with and as it may just be a fantasy in our heads this book allows you to escape even if for a short moment Not to bad for a new author the story line seems pretty good but this is only part one of threeNot bad at all I will read the Luther two and I bet it gets much better I can't even imagine what this situation must be for Nina Will be reading the next two parts to see where these guys end up Part one down parts two three to go Nothing concrete yet but so far so good Part 1 was good enough for me to want to purchase part 2 I guess we'll go from there Onward to ; Disturbing that they give you the first chapter and then charge you for all the rest Okay story but not worth the extortionary tactic Cinderella Story Part 1 36 Hours

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