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Bedded by the Trillionaires Menage for Mankind Book 4 Jayn has put up with a lot of nonsense in her uest to be a good daughter but when her father tries to make marrying her a punishment for a man’s indiscretion she decides it’s too much The bride auctions provide the perfect way out and a chance at really being wanted and loved Nothing in her life has prepared her for the attentions of four men and she finds herself struggling to cope Can she handle being the beloved of four men when she was raised to believe monogamy was the only way to go

About the Author: Ella Mansfield

Ella Mansfield is a thirty something woman who lives in the South and loves to spin tales about interesting characters put into unusual situations She resides with her husband and children and dog in real life but in her mind She's all overConnect with Ella on Facebook at

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    This is the fourth book in this series Jayn has done everything she could to be a good daughter to her father leader of her community so why is she being punished Jayn's father told her she will be marrying one of the twins who was caught with Amber from book 3 which is a pun

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    InterestingThey are getting a little repetitive Doesn't mean it's not a Hot read In this one we have Porter the Mercenary Gus the Scientist Dimitri the Holo deck Inventor Finn the Senator a decent bunch of guys who are Trillionaires Jayn is a lucky girl to be able to leave the Cult he

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    A Great ReadI really enjoyed reading Bedded by the Trillionaires Menage for Mankind Book 4 all about Ella a twenty year old girl who has been asked by her father the head religious man to marry Benji She doesn't love him and considers him Amber's boyfriend but because Amber was caught in a com

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    I've read all the parts in the series twice now and I still find the extremely appealing and in a way they keep getting better and better I love the menage setting and it's really interesting to read a books that's happens in the future where there are all these weird laws and technology has totally st

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    I liked the fact that there was some danger for Jayn near the end given the theme of fertile women are rare therefore prized throughout the series however it was rushed which was disappointing would have liked to have seen some real danger happen

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    This is my favorite book from this series I liked the different spin on this one

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