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I Must Say In this engaging memoir written with heart wisdom and a huge helping of hilarity Martin Short shares stories of his life revealing how a Canadian kid obsessed with American show business became the comedian s comedian Vanity FairMartin Short is one of few celebrities in show business who has continually worked hard found success and maintained a normal happy family life His memoir is a reflection on his diverse collection of experiences both hilarious and heartbreakingShort takes us through his career from his early years with Second City Toronto and Saturday Night Live to his movie stage and television stardom He recalls how he developed some of his enduring characters manic man child Ed Grimley elderly Tin Pan Alley songmith Irving Cohen slimy lawyer Nathan Thurm and the blubbery and bizarrely insensitive Jiminy Glick Here too are his movie and television appearances from the classic Three Amigos to his Emmy nominated role in Damages as well as his stage productions including his Tony Award winning performance in Little Me Throughout such friends and luminaries as Steve Martin Tom Hanks John Candy Gilda Radner Lorne Michaels Nora Ephron Frank Sinatra and others share the spotlightThis deeply private man brings us into the circle of his family life from raising his children to the legendary parties he and his wife hosted in their Los Angeles home He recounts the pain of losing a brother and both parents by the time he was twenty and of the devastating death of Nancy his wife of thirty years in 2010 Despite the hardships Short s life has been full of laughter and he remains perennially upbeat In this wise and entertaining memoir he shares his irrepressible joy

About the Author: Martin Short

Martin Hayter Short is an actor comedian writer singer and producer

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    If you are reading this right now as a physical book put it down right now and get the audiobook Martin Short narrates it himself and does all the singing characters Ed Grimley etc and celeb friend impressions It's a performance piece you miss out on when you just read itAlthough this book is very funny Short's life has also been touched with tragedy It's all here

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    You love Martin Short I'm not asking you I'm telling you Now I don't know why you love him It could be his work on SNL or if you're hip and cool SCTV It could be his cult classic movies like Clifford Three Amigos or Innerspace It could be because of his hilarious appearances on talk shows It could be all or any of these things but let's be clear you do love himFor me I've always adored the man for

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    35 starsNote I listened to the audio version of this book which is fun because Short performs some of his famous comic characters sings and does impersonationsMartin ShortThough he may not have realized it at the time Martin Short was meant to be a performer from childhood As a youngster he made tape recordings of his family's entertaining uarrels and conversationsas well as his own solitary sketches This

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    As with most memoirs by comic performers I partly listened to and partly read Martin Short's I Must Say My Life As A Humble Comedy Legend Turns out that was a good decisionEven working with a co writer David Kamp Short isn’t the best scribe But he’s a first rate impressionist And so when he’s telling stories involving his famous friends Tom Hanks Nora Ephron Steve Martin Eugene Levy Paul Shaffer Gilda Radne

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    45 starsMartin Short has always come across to me as one of the genuinely nice guys in Hollywood Someone you could easily strike up a conversation with at a bar and he'd have you laughing hysterically within minutes After reading his memoir and learning about his close friendships that have spanned decades and the love he has for his family I feel very justified in saying he's one of the good onesMartin was the youngest

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    35 starsI was not very familiar with most of Martin Short's work so the majority of the references went over my head However the parts of the book where he talked about his wife's sickness and death wrecked me Sobbing Expertly narrated

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    Martin Short has always been one of my favorite funny men From his early days on SCTV and later on with his classic character of Ed Grimmley on SNL I've always found Short to be an incredible comic actor I MUST SAY is a MUST read for any and all Martin Short fans Just a marvelous memoir

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    F Scott Fitzgerald wrote Let me tell you about the very rich They are different from you and me Now we seem to feel the same about celebrity and wish to know everything In fact it is much easier now for the famous to become rich If you are one of those who do not disdain in your heart of hearts the cult of celebrity the fact that Martin Short is a comedy legend should only enhance your enjoyment This is popular culture through the eyes of a lon

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    I think I'm done with audio autobiographies This book is filled with tons of name dropping and the reuisite humble beginnings catchphrases Not to say he isn't funny but rehashing old skits as filler between chapters was too much The parts of the book in which he talked about growing up losing his parents and an older sibling were touching thoughMartin Short is obviously a very accomplished comedian and actor but 8 hours in audiobook format is too much

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    Wellwhat to say here? This isn't a bad book and it has some genuinely interesting moments First let me lay out what we have This is a fairly straight forward bio of Martin Short We find out about his life his love for his family his wife and hisart? The influences that made Martin Short Martin Short and all those other people are laid out and discussed The general approach is that first Mr Short talks about a certain part of his career and then the next chapte

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