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Sanctuary The New World #3 Surviving the attack proved to be than they could have imagined   Months after a super EMP attack devastated the United States the country is now unrecognizable Major cities are run by gangs survivors are dying of starvation and the government is falling victim to lawlessness Those who were prepared for the end find that they weren’t really prepared at all   While some seek vengeance for their losses others are determined to restore the nation Gordon Samantha Sebastian Barone Connor and Pablo are all on different paths but they are all in search of a home away from chaos They are all in search of a sanctuary 

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    G Michael Hopf picks up right where he left off in the third book of The New World Series Sanctuary is a fascinating story told from the perspective of the youngest survivor now in adulthood I love how Hopf took the youngest and most vulnerable character and allowed her to be the one to tell the entire story He shows how she has grown and overcome the many hardships and t

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    I am uickly becoming a fan of postapocalyptic books There is something about them that intrigues me Maybe it is getting a new beginning the characters or the survival instincts Whatever it is I enjoy these books Which with the author's background of being a combat veteran in the Marine Corps it helps lend to this book and series Speaking of this series This is book three S

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    SanctuaryA Postapocalyptic NovelBy G Michael HopfNarrated by Keith SzarabajkaSeries The New World Series Hopf Book 3Length 8 hrs and 16 minsUnabridged AudiobookRelease date 05 27 14Language EnglishPublisher Penguin AudioI started reading this book before the COVID 19 Pandemic was a thing and I always figured that an EMP attack was the one that would knock out our country 

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    There have been very few book series that have captivated me the way The New World Series has I already feel like I’ve been through a tremendous journey with all of the characters and am excited to keep reading I still think the first book in the series was the best however this one is a close second In “Sanctuary” there are deaths and we see the rise of a truly vicio

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    I am glad the family has reunited and I appreciate the gritty brutal reality of some of these dark scenes of extreme violence groups of humans inflict on each other in the post collapse survival context Hopf is definitely telling a good story structurally but is not a really good writer He doesn't have the depth and mastery of language or the massively researched contextual d

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    The 3rd of the series and I admit they are beginning to lose my interest The story itself is good but this one started to feel slow and I found myself wanting it to be done The writing is still amateurish and there were a few editing mistakes in this one which I find irritatingHaley is still telling the story of her family's past Gordon is still travelling in hopes of meeting

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    Well thought out and researched just like the rest of the series I've read so far These books really make a person think about what could happen if the grid ever goes down which could very easily happen in the times we are living in

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    Another great book by G Michael Hopf I love the characters in this series I can’t wait for the next book I would recommend this book and all of this authors books I listened to this book on audiobook

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    Roller coaster of a readWhere do I start? Lots of twists and turns in the “lives” of these characters Such an enjoyable read and so glad there is to enjoy

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    Kept me coming backHard to put this one down the story keeps unfolding and although seems darker and violent than the previous two books it was a good read for me

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