The Robotics Primer Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous

The Robotics Primer Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents A very informative and easy to read book It explores the rapidly advancing world or robotics explaining what makes a robot 'tick' and how exactly it worksA great introduction to a big chapter of modern technology The Robotics Primer offers a broadly accessible introduction to robotics for students at pre university and university levels robot hobbyists and anyone interested in this burgeoning field The text takes the reader from the most basic concepts including perception and movement to the most novel and sophisticated applications and topics humanoids shape shifting robots space robotics with an emphasis on what it takes to create autonomous intelligent robot behavior The core concepts of robotics are carried through from fundamental definitions to complex explanations all presented in an engaging conversational style that will appeal to readers of different backgrounds It's really wonderful book You can learn and understand robotics easily from it While reading this book I was taking a class at Northwestern Through this book I learned how to program and design robots However it was boring

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