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Pastorinhos de Fátima Drawing from historical sources and eye witness accounts Shepherds of Fátima is a captivating retelling of Mary’s apparitions at Fátima Portugal in 1917 Fr Silva leads readers through the lives of the three little shepherds—Lucia dos Santos and her cousins Blessed Jacinta Martos and Blessed Francisco Martos—and the events at Fátima with skillful storytelling and expertise This well researched account reads like a novel and includes photos

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    An excellent record of the lives and events of the three shepherd children who witnessed the visitations of Our Lady in Fatima Portugal from May 13 to October 13 1917 I am enad with these children and their Blessed Mother Two of the children Jacinta and Francisco died while still young during an Influenza epidemic Lucia lived until 2005 Jacinta and Francisco

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    I haven't wanted to put this book down since the day I opened it It brings so much information about the family and lives of the 3 fatima shepherds to paper I felt sadness anger shame and fear right along side the three children If you want to learn about Fatima I would definitely read this book

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