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My Granny Writes Erotica Threesome Fantastic I wouldn't recommend reading this anywhere you might get odd looks for laughing at a book I had to work hard not to giggle at the exploits of Betty aka Figgy Muriel and their family friends and less than friendly acuaintances Definitely an amusing read The erotica writing granny in novel formThe original critically acclaimed novella locked in a saucy threesome with its hit seuel and a bonus bit on the side to provide a full novel length readIn need of a ‘get rich uick’ scheme 65 year old straight laced Betty tries her hand at writing an erotic novel However with little experience in matters of the libido Betty finds herself ill euipped to pursue her goal and seeks help in the most unexpected placesWhen she finds her elderly mother in law with nipple clamps dangling from her earlobes the suburban housewife realises she’s a corrupting influence and hangs up her pen However the demands of her greedy family force Betty to sell the film rights to her novel – on one condition she has no part in the creation of such revolting cinematic filthAnd after courting her new beau for many months Betty is finally ready to cement their love However everybody she knows seems to have an opinion on modern bedroom etiuette Mistakenly believing she’s found the ideal setting for her romantic getaway Betty books a night at the elusive Exotic Aristocrat Boutiue If you enjoy being made to laugh out loud as you journey to work on the bus this is a book for you If you can stifle a snicker as the my little pony advert comes on the television this is a book for you If you enjoyed the comic ambiguity of people like Hyacinth Bucket or the verbal dexterity of the late Ronnie Barker this is a book for youIf you are looking for smut vulgarity deviancy or titilation go awayBetty was a woman comfortable with her life her husband was a respected Estate Agent she kept a proud house in a desirable street she was writing a work of literature not self publishing poetic drivel like her literary club chairwoman her daughter had married well they had savings could afford the pleasantness of life and were members of the country club What could go wrongSecrets and lies delve Betty into an unknown world of loan sharks a husband with a sexual desire to be placed in a nappy and spanked and an inconsiderate daughter who moves back home Money was needed and uickly when an ambiguous beginning of a serialised self published e book dropped her into the darkness of “kinky dumpy pumpy” Betty was painfully out of her depth and her sexual knowledge base was vanilla than a vanilla pod The only person Betty knew who knew about such activities was her husband’s ‘lady of the night’ Scarlet Once the wheel of success started to turn Betty is swept up into a series of situational comedic happenings her middle class tweedy sense of decorum and propriety is constantly embarrassed by her curious innocence at just what people craved and did to satisfy their desiresWhile the success of Betty's book solves one problem her independent finances the world wants to know who the author of this international best seller is and when it is discovered a whole new pile of problems embarrassment and misdirection ensues Betty tries to put her success and its reputation aside and restore her social standing but society and its hypocrisy is not ready to Even when she accepts her fate and summons the confidence dip her toe in the pool of romance her blinkered virtue lands her in a very peculiar “sophisticated hotel”The authors understanding not only of language but also of the human complexities when it comes to communication is the cream to these novellas so much of the spoken or indeed written word is implied within a non verbalised context and comes from between the lines it is no wonder that the most simple of four letter word can cause such chaos the word being 'like'Congrats Rosen on a trio of giggles on a subject that could easily have sunk into the mire of vulgarity I have been a huge fan of Rosen Trevithick for a long while and really loved My Granny Writes Erotica 1 and so was thrilled when she sent me a paperback copy of this the complete worksThe first part is the original which started the ball rolling a cracking little novella that can be read in a couple of hours ideal for anyone who has ever wondered just who writes those erotic novels on Betty who would certainly class herself as a Lady with a capital L has been writing and rewriting a novel for the past 20 years but when needs dictate she decides to revamp her baby as an erotic serial a la 50 Shades The fun starts when she has to try and keep it a secret from her mother in law and daughter as well as try to work out what these strange sex toys that arrive in the post are used for and how she can incorporate them into her bookThe second part of the book sees Betty finally achieving her publishing deal Her erotic novel “Ricardo Haberdasher” is a resounding success and film rights are in the offing with the result that her life is about to change completely not necessarily in a way that Betty wants however She wants just to be respectable ladylike “Betty” and not “Figgy Brown” author of erotica The whole book is Fun with a capital F although not necessarily of the clean kind being stuffed full of sex toys fetish clothing and innuendo It is rude crude and smutty and very wittily written I love the way Betty tries her hardest to hang on to her position in respectable society in particular she wants her membership of the Country Club reinstated after she was ousted as being “not the sort of person we want” Unfortunately despite her best efforts she just seems to get it wrong every time with extremely funny results Similarly I really enjoyed the lovehate relationship she has with MurielIt comes complete with a third uick read story at the end about Betty’s attempt for a romantic evening in a hotel which really made me laugh It is definitely not for the easily shocked but is a great fun read that will leave you smiling Of all the First Reads giveaways I’ve entered I think My Granny Writes Erotica is the book I’ve most wanted to win I was thrilled to get an e mail to tell me I had won and very excited to open the parcel that arrived two days later This is my honest reviewThe book itself is lovely good uality and with a velvety feel to the cover Very luxuriousYou can read the synopsis above so I won’t go into detail hereBetty’s exploits as a 65 year old erotica writer are to be honest hilarious At times I was reminded of Keeping Up Appearances Betty is very proper and uptight about sex so the situations she finds herself in whilst writing the novel are just brilliant At times I guessed what was going to go wrong next but others the bunting for example were a complete surpriseThe cast of characters is great Betty’s mother in law was probably my favourite character but they’re all well crafted and by the end of the book I felt like I knew them all I was certainly rooting for Betty to make it through all the scrapes with her dignity as intact as possibleRosen Trevithick’s writing style suits the story perfectly and it was a pleasure to read I’ll definitely be checking out of her books in future especially if they contain the same great writing and humour I wrote this book because so many readers wanted to know about Betty Betty the erotica writing grannyIt begins with the original novella My Granny Writes Erotica Betty's deceitful husband has run up enormous debts and engaged in some whopping bedroom indiscretions Betty needs to save the family from financial ruin and so decides to jazz up the literary romance she's spent her life writing However she's far too straight laced to handle becoming an erotic novelist and gets herself into all manner of picklesThe story then extends into life after Betty's bonkbuster How will a respectable suburban housewife deal with the 'fifth' she has invited into her life This tale was published separately as My Granny Writes Erotica 2The final tale in the threesome is a bonus story designed to make the collection even appealing than the separate novellas I don't want to tell you too much about the story for fear of spoiling it but there's be 60 new pages of Betty Berry hilarity I won this book on a goodreadscom giveaway a week or so agoIt's a light hearted kind of middle class genteel comedy with a naughty twist without being offensive I can imagine this being a serialised evening dramacomedy tv programme The book is three sections I suppose a bit of a send up of the whole erotica genre and current trend with the 50 Shades of Gray hysteria Betty Berry 65 when the book starts finds her marriage over her house remortgaged and a loan shark wanting money he lent to her husband back Most people would just get a job but that wouldn't make for good comedy so prim and proper Betty Berry decides to write an erotic novel to cash in The fact that she is painfully naive makes for some fun as she ends up turning it unintentionally into uite a hard core thing And people go nuts for it Perhaps not the way she wanted to make her literary debut as she had been working for the last twenty years on a twee romance about Richmond Tabernacle strong in the officeshy in the bedroom oh that tag line made me laugh The second part is about her coming to terms with the fame and the film they're making of her erotic novel; the third a few years later and Betty may have found loveIt's good light hearted summer reading Firstly thanks again to the author for sending me a complimentary copy of this book for my entertainmentSecondly my face is sore from all the grinning I've been doing over the last three days because this book is HILARIOUS Betty really reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances so prim and proper She is so worried about what the neighboursVicarCountry Club will make of her if they find out about her saucy malarkeyThis book was a bit ruder than I thought it was going to be This author writes books for kids about Trolls so I thought it was going to be very tame and I even told my mum that she could read it once I'd finished May have to re think that for a while But it is so much cheeky fun and never offensive Naughty but nice Though saying that it's now on the TOP shelf of my bookcase until I decide whether or not to lend it to my mum Firstly a disclaimer I received my copy as part of a Goodreads give awayThis book is the perfect antidote to those of us who tried to read the wildly popular trilogy of erotica and laughed I absolutely loved this trilogy Whilst the main charter Betty as perfect the undoubted star in my opinion was Muriel Some of the funniest parts for me where the parts were she bested Betty's enemies without appearing to really try Overall I really enjoyed the trilogy but the highlight for me was the wonderfully imaginative synonyms My one complaint is that the first two stories were to short and felt like they had the potential to be developed into a novel length story I really liked this book It's hilarious I was laughing out loud by page 5 This book contains both the first and second stories in the series plus a short extra novella that expands the story past book 2 It is definitely worth reading all of them I thought that the second book was even better than the first To be clear this book is not erotica even though it contains I guess what you'd call adult themes It is comedy and satire about erotica A very fun readI received a free copy of this book as a Goodreads First Reads giveaway

About the Author: Rosen Trevithick

Rosen is a British bestselling author who writes fiction for children and adultsShe was born in Cornwall and grew up on Restronguet Creek She studied Experimental Psychology at St Catherine's College Oxford before moving back to the West Country She now lives on the south coast of Devon with two imaginary cats fantasising about getting a real oneIn 2011 Rosen was an aspiring author Writin

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