Stingrays Underwater Fliers ePUB ê Stingrays

Stingrays Underwater Fliers Did you know that stingrays are cousins of sharks This Step 3 Step into Reading Science Reader is full of exciting photographs illustrations and facts about these magnificent sea creatures Follow a stingray as she chomps her prey escapes a hungry hammerhead shark and gives birth to her stingray pups   Step 3 Readers feature engaging characters and easy to follow plots about popular topics for children who are ready to read on their own Loved it Very informative and interesting I'm fascinated by the ocean and it's inhabitants I did not know that sharks and whales eat stingrays This review is based on an ARC I received from the publisher Highly recommending Text is easy but not over simplified perfect for the target age and group of readers Good information and pictures Will recommend for library purchase This Step into Reading Science Reader explores the topic of stingrays with information presented to new readers who may be moving into books that they can read on their own The first part of the book follows a southern stingray as she eats encounters a hammerhead shark and hatches her pups The second half covers information like what happens when humans are stung with barbs the many different species of rays and why scientists are studying the amazing healing ability of these ancient creatures The text is overlaid on both photographs and color illustrations that demonstrate the message of the text which will help new readers with recall and comprehension I would recommend this book for purchase to any school or public libraryThis book was provided by the publisher for professional review by SWON Libraries

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