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Save Rafe Middle School #6 James Patterson's hilarious story of perseverance and courage shows everyone's favorite troublemaker Rafe Khatchadorian the star of the Middle School series learning to become a leader at long last After a rough summer Rafe is heading back to the dreaded Hills Village Middle School the site of the very worst years of his life And as if that's not bad enough he's learned that he's going to be held back a year unless he can prove himself on an outdoor survival excursion complete with dangerous white water rafting dizzying rock climbing and fanatical counselors Rafe and the rest of the pack of delinuent trainees are forced to cooperate as they prepare for the final test a solo excursion in the deep woods Can Rafe come out of the experience in one piece And if he does will he go home as the same insecure kid

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    As a person who loves to read it is really hard for me when I have a kid come into the library looking for a book because their parents or teachers have said they need to read but they

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    Another humorous story about Rafe In this one he is sent to a wilderness survival camp for a week Can he survive? Fans of humor like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries should enjoy this one

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    What doesn't kill you makes you strongerYou appreciate the good things in life when you struggle through the hard things These are just a few things that ran through my mind as my kids and I read th

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    January Book ReviewSave RafeJames PattersonRafe was kicked out of Hills Village and Airbrook Arts is closing so he needs to go back to Hills Village but that will be a challenge for him His two least favor

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    Rafe Khatchadorian a middle school trouble maker wanted to have a good start to his new school year after a terrible summer But when he came to school they told him he was held back a year So he tried his best to

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    I realy liked this book its one of the bestIt has lots of events and it's about this boy named Rafe that he has to move to his old school but he has to go to the camp in order to get back in to his schoolThe ending is a

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    I think this is a great book It has an awesome main character who is sure to make you laugh along with the pictures

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    This book has very realistic feeling to it made me feel like I was actually the main character

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    This book was very very boring i think it was supposed to be an action book but there was very little action and was not very good at explaining

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    I gave this book four stars out of five because it really brought me into the story and really made me want to read Save Rafe by James Patterson in a realistic fiction comic book that haves a middle school kid go to a camp to get him readmitted a

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